Tuesday, July 23, 2002


here yet again ANOTHER of one of these dreams, i get one of them nearly once a week now....

Dream begins....
i am in that midwestern town, a midwest large town. i get out of my old car, always an old car, one that i must have had back 20 or more years ago. Today, i walk over to a small fair or carnival, i look at an
exhibit of old antiques.
[fair=the "carnival of life", of the world]
[antiques=my life]
I walk back to my car, and somehow notice that the transmission and drive train have utterly come apart, broken!! car is useless, maybe Unreparible! all my stuff of luggage is in it, but i walk to town to find some help. there is a church that i then go to, but i eventually find that they are into "multi-level marketing" with some "Satanic" activity with some child-abuse thrown in for good measure: utterly corrupt in every way!
then i go to a homeless shelter after finding out that the one motel is booked solid. there are maybe 80 people waiting to enter this shelter, maybe more! i dejectedly walk back to my car as rain begins to fall, and dusk comes early. dream ends *only* as the alarm chimes: i *suspect* that if this dream had gone on anymore, i would have returned to my car only to find that it was afire and burned up, nothing left but the burnt frame and all of my stuff is gone! I would THEN have been standing next to a burned out car, with just the summer clothes on my back, as it gets dark, chilly, and rain falls---I know no one, and there is no place to even sleep, and everyplace in this town Fails to aid me, in some "not their fault" way!
thus as this dream would end, naturally; if the alarm would not wake me before this dream ends....the last scene would be where i would be standing in a HUGE
empty parking lot, at dusk, the sky cloudy, rainy. i cannot see even any buildings nearby to shelter me: basicly i stand in a 300 acre field of asphault, next to my burnt out car.
I face, utterly utterly ALONE, the darking sky in the Northeast!

Intent of dream, i see this morning, is.....to have me, at dream's End, to have and own nothing, a stranger in a lonely town, alone alone alone and there is not a shred of aid for me anywheres!

As i walked to Campus, this 8 am, i now know why i have these dreams, folks! as spirit has given to me The News....the news of my one year to live, on this earth, as of may 13, 2002, in that Vision, i can now see why i get these dreams!
they are "prep" dreams!
to prep me to Know, in my very Guts, that

The Physical World Rots!!

---everything that is physical...will rot and die. every apple will someday rot; every house will someday be for sale. death comes to all, no matter if i am poor or i am a CEO with a "living large" house northeast of the City! nothing PHYSICAL, material, will hold!
even the Mind can go: the stats say that 10% to 20% of all people will die SENILE! Alzeiemers
will reduce one or two, out of ten people, into mindless blobs of flesh that will not even recognize
wife or husband, as they lay there on the bed, about two months old!! "circling the drain"...they call it!!
So this dream prepares me to Know this is so: nothing in my material life will Last! only the Inner, the Soul, the Spirit, will Cross Over into the Spirit world, with my counsciousness.
In fact, Counsciousness is all that is of ME!!-----*that* is the messege of these dreams! That Counsciuosness, self-awareness, is the only "physical reality" that holds!
True Aloneness. all else will fall away......friends, things, homes, clothes, money: everything that is not "spiritual" will DIE, Rot, decay, leave!
Even my body will Fail to last. Money...name...fame...Influence....the "end-state' will perhaps be a senile old man on a bed in some state-owned nursing Home!

I Know that a river is not measured by its "low water level": an ocean is not measured by its low tide mark!
A person's life is not measured by that last year in the Home for Alzeimers!