Thursday, July 25, 2002

strange strange dream last night!

i went, in my dream, to a house where a psychic gave to me a Tarot reading!!
[this is not the first time this has happened: i have had maybe a dozen such events, in my dreams---usually the readings are *very* signifigent, to whatever is going on at that time in my life!]

the dream begins where I am with a group of people in a living room and this older lady offers to give to me a tarot card reading. [I used to read cards for others, in the 70s]
she lays out the first card. it was "DEATH"...the deathcard, the skeleton-with-sythe card!
"Hmmmm" she says.....
she lays out the next card, the Emperor, upsidedown. She tells me that this card represents the "Dallas/Texas cowboy" [in all of my dreams, whenever i dream of Dallas or Texas, it means "heaven", the spirit world!]. It is upsidedown, crosses the death card. that would mean that my ego-self is challenged, the real ruler, my Self, is in the spirit world, and "Rules"...where-as here in the world
my earthly ego is challenged and "made small" by the Knowing where the Real Rule and Center of my
life the spirit world.
the last card, of the cards that i can remember...was the "what is really going on" card, the "final summery" card.
it was the "WHEEL", the tenth card. the psychic tells me as much...the "wheel of Fate rules you, the wheel of fate *IS*...accept that!"

may 13 of 2003, that date of my "one year to live" Vision, creeps ever ever the closer: maybe i might have as much as six months after that date: maybe even a month or so LESS than that live here as "freestone"! an extension?? not from this here tarot card reading.....
keep tuned, "fans", of Freestone's "live cam" countdown to hiw Moving to Heaven!!
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"my life after near death experiences"
"one year to live"
some posts will go to both journals, like this post.