Wednesday, July 17, 2002


yes I have these weird weird dreams. like this one, the other day.
the setting for it was a house somewhat like my rural childhood home. i entereds it and talked to some men, they were getting ready to work at some project, in this house.
they talked of it, in a tone of Wonder and Mystery. It sounded a bit like they were going to play a computer game: they way they talked about this game though, it was far far far more than a computer game, in a way that i could only pick up dimly from this dream.
they walked over to the "computer"!
Tis was a *very* strange device! think "1925" or "1930"! think "black matte boxes with victorian lettering on the box saying something like 'dynascope' "----a box that sits in Display in the federal museum for medical Quack devices from the 1930s!
Here these two men sit at a table with a huge black 1930-ish box, with the electric cables wrapped in CLOTH, instead of plastic. there was a small box to the right with a huge dial on it, some kind of meter, like of some movie-set dial from a science fiction movie from 1954!
*this* was the game-computer!
[I fully expect to find, if i were to open the cae, to find large glowing vacuum tubes, about 20 of them, like of a 1949 radio!]
In the front of this box was a small screen, a "monitor screen": each of them turned theirs on. i watched the first guy. the screen was about 8" by 12" and flat. when it lit up, i was surprised to see that the light of this sceen looked not like of a cathode-tube screen: the color was almost "phosperous-like", a strange glow that looked a bit "unearthly"!
then he took out of a drawer, a "gamebox" about 6" by 4" in size: i noted that it was made of thick cardboard. i did not see what the "cd" looked like.
I then saw the beginning-screen of the 'game'... if that was what this was.
strange: i expected only "black and white" or that "hidious green" of the 1992 systems.
But NO! i could see a small 2" by 2" face at the right of the screen, in natural coors and the print was in large type but in multiple colors....the letters were in complicated colors: far far more than a "16 colors system"! Even more than a "256 color system"! more like "32-bit"!!
Yes "exclamation marks" indeed!

Here i saw what looked to be some 'ancient" electrical stuff, produce a computer game as "advanced" as of today! Too....I could see this character move his head, side to side, to give an effect of animation and life, a movement-loop!
But the letters and words were in a language that i could not read!

so why do i fill up a page or two of pyra's server with this description?!
there is much much more to this dream than is apparent!
i see THREE possibilities.
1---these two men were using a computer system that is used on another world, somewhere else in the universe.
2---this is a "probable reality", ala "Seth Speaks"----a reality that we could have taken, but did not!
3---[my choice, folks!] This game system is what is used in these two men's ASTRAL Heaven land, that they live in: this is a Spirit-land computer!
I base this opinion on the phosperistic screen of the monitor and of the kind of letter-graphics of the words..."heaven-language", letters i have seen before, from other astral dreams of heavenlands!
This "game' may actually be a "instruction/teaching" software package, where the narrator's face is being displayed on the first page...a face that looks near exactly like "E T", the movie, the alien...or even more like the Star Wars alien counselor!
"not human", in any event. The "game" could indeed be a game, but probably it is also some instructional teachings in the way of heaven!