Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Seeing the people of Heaven!

well, last night I lay awake, about 4 am. If this occurs, i often have a "sure -fire" way of going back to sleep.
i imagine things!
I make up a room, or a scene outdoors and imagine that it is within the world of spirit. somewheres in the spirit, afterlife, world.

so last nigh i imagined a room full of people from heaven, the kinds of people that i might meet after i die.
I saw about 80 people, standing and sitting in chairs, in a room of wooden walls. i noted how "strange" some of them dressed!
different cultures perhaps, different times maybe.
[was i "only" imagining these people...or was i Imaging what is really there, in heaven?

I looked over to the chairs, far off across the room, in a chair, was my SISTER! My sister who died in 1986. A younger version of this lady, maybe 30 years old and heavy-set. was certainly my sister, Suanna!
Aha! i was so surprised that i woke up! thus i never got to see if she were to come over and to talk to me!

thus i feel that this place is a real Spiritland place!