Wednesday, July 31, 2002

people in a room!

as per the yesterday's entry, about those people in the room, i wonder.......

Now, i feel that they could be people who are awaiting my arrival there! maybe for me, maybe for others, too, a general room for "incoming souls".
My friend Sam, he has been waiting too.

"we all help each other to get born and we all help each other to get ready to die!"
---I was present, in spirit, as i saw a ball of light float down a hill and enter a hole, next to a lady i knew who was near-ready to give birth. In a few days she gave birth to a boy. i was present when the soul entered.
---about three years before my near-senile father died, several people, including me, went into the astral and met with my father, to be with him, and from what i heard from the other people, like of my shaman friend sam....who also went into the spirit worlds, to see my father: there we all helped my father Dudley get ready to die!
---I read about an account from a Sai baba devotee, that she knew of an older man who lived north of new york city, in the hills. in the last year of his life, Sai
baba would come to him at night, in dreams, and counsel him about life and death, baba did this near-nightly, until this man died in a year.
but this man never was a baba devotee! Did not even know him, never even read of him!
we all are interconnected, via Spirit. thus as my Time approaches, i would thus inagine that the "cast" of greeters would indeed assemble, in the spirit world, to Recieve me. As time runs differently there in heaven, it might appear, to my dreaming, that these people are getting ready for me to come in days! However, from what i read, this is not so....i will have months: the time differential is that great.