Monday, July 15, 2002


I went to read the "baba post", in my www.egroups list, the list where i posted the Baba article that had the copy of it posted saturday here in this weblog. [the last post]

It was *not* very well recieved!!
someone more or less told me..."oh you poor person, poor thing, you were hoodwincked by the deceit of baba: go read the Bible from square one and have a picture of jesus by you side at all time"---words similar to this!
I made a small resolution: do not post to anti-baba groups! i unsubscribed! even reading them is dangerious as the terrible terrible VIBES coming from them is too too much: i cannot afford recieving anger anger anger, even if it seems "rightiously ventilating being decieved"!
MY experinces with dream-baba have none of this, that he is accussed of!

actually i am *not* an "offical devotee" in any shape or form: i follow the Western paths. baba is steeped like a tea bag in water, in the Indian Ways....thus he more or less tells everyone to live like Indians!

trouble is...baba is exemplifying what a "avatar" of Shiva is SUPPOSED to be like: be BOTH man and woman!
[one of the writers of Indian Myths wrote..."all avatars of Shiva *must* have a penis and a virgina, in order to fullfill the Prophecy of their Comings"!]

rumor has it, i read, that baba has both a penis and a cloitis!

baba exudes....just look at his photos!!!....exudes a distinctly Feminene vibration, even though he is a man! [Shiva is both man and woman]
But the West has it where one is SUPPOSED to chose sides: either man OR woman, 100%!
if a man detects within himself, a tiny bit of"'womaness", then he fears that he is becoming gay!
"homophobia" rasies its head, viper-like, to him! thus "men are to be men, women are to be women"!

In ,1979, Ithaca, ny, there was a very vibrant gay community. someone from this community bared his concerns to me one day. he told me that if anyone, in this gay community, were to be Found Out
to have had even a BIT of a hetero-sex experience, the gay community OSTROCISES, and kicks him out, Real Quick: they demand that their members commit to being 100% gay, or ELSE!!

thus even for gay people: Choose Sides!

I, thus, will not post anymore to these groups and lists, as my observations are so poorly recieved there.
And from the above observation about the synthesis of the masculine-feminine within one person, i suspect that baba will have further problems being accepted in the west, from now on....even if he is "innocent" of the accusations!
as the rock opra TOMMY says...."better yet, forget you...not exist"!