Wednesday, July 31, 2002

lunch in a church!
I nearly always eat my lunch in a church!

The tallahassee Episcapal[sp--i spell unknown words *as* they sound!] chuch has a cafeteria thats offers lunch for the church workers and for anyone else who comes in: a regular cafe.
Recently, the main meeting hall, the actual church meeting room, has been under construction so that the Sunday service is held in the auditorium: the cafe! so i do indeed eat in the room where sunday church is held. on sundays they move the tables over. so i sit near the alter and the piano.
lunch in a church!

tallahassee seems famious for this: interestingly strange eating places!
---a cafe in a caboose. a railroad caboose, just sitting in the industial park. the industrail park is really something else too: an art park, lots of galleries, though there still is a few industries there!
---a cafe in the Old Guard American legion hall, a cafe that is one of the "hangouts" for the literate and the Intelligent and the computer/arts people!! right next door to the 'Nam vet hall too!
yes, in the hall where old 1944 vets gather, at night sometimes a viet nam vet or a ww II vet will sit down with a grad student and have a good Dialogue!