Saturday, July 27, 2002

---letter to usenet news group..."comp.rpg" (freestone wilson) wrote
> hi everyone!
> so after GOTHIC, what game did i install?
> a "way way back there" game!
> any opinions from old Ultima people?!
> freestone

well hi everyone, from freestone.

thanks for the 38 replies. i have about 40 to 50 older games that i had found, bought, bargin bined, over the last year or two. the Ultimas await, wiz 8 is probably "next" after UUI. i have played UU2 already.
so is UU1 better than MW?!
---i suppose it is like..."is apple pie better than cherry pie!"
both are good, in their own way. I loved daggerfall[ i have THAT game awaiting too!], and what little Arena that i could buggedly play.

I am still on level 2 and 3, in UU1! no hurry. yes i can now fish so that food is no problem and as i took the role of
DRUID, i can also cast a spell, now, for food!
GOTHIC was weak in magic, i felt. i wanted to Compensate, in U.
---I still find the load times amazing. in Gothic i had to make sure that i had over an hour free to play, as the load times just to get to the first screen seemed about FIVE MINUTES! Took near ten minutes before i could get to play. In UU1, the computer bootup takes far far longer than the gamesetup!! must be all of five seconds till i am playing, in UU1!
half a second to save and to re-load!
little touches.
little touches that seem to be missing in so many modern games.
---i just discovered that ....on one foray down a tunnel, i accidently hit my sword
on a barrel. these barrels puzzled me as there is no way to open them: i figured they were there just for decoration. "looking" at my sword to see if it were damaged, i accidently clicked on the condition of the barrel and the screen says..."damaged barrel"! aha! remove sword to bare fists and bash away away away...soon this barrel broke and there were goods!
---rocks can be broken with the hammer.

I suspect that as the graphics cards have gotten SO good, SO fast, the last few years, that game developers, enamered and englamored with this "new toy"; they have focused more on graphics and world, rather than Intelligent Interactions and gameplay.
perhaps soon the developers will balance out the games and add more
gamestory. but the graphics cards never stop growing!! so the developers have always the more incentive to have that eye-candy in the game and no time for much else!

too...just look at your own lives, readers! do ya have the dedicated time, these hecktic days, to really get Involved with a deep, rich, game?!
yes *you* might, you rpg fans...but the 80% of the rest of the Casual gamers, do they?! once upon a time the *only* real gamers were professional nerds who lived and breathed computers! nowadays, the base has broadened so that, say, a manager of Hardee's fast food, comes home after his 12 hour shift, and he boots up his computer to unwind and he does *NOT* want to have to try to figure out
where he was in the game from four days ago. he does NOT want to have to deal with food, dull weapons and complicated character progressions and choosings!
basicly, he just wants to shoot!! he has had a hard day at work, so "mindless
killing" is just the ticket for him!
but these players make up 60% to 80% of the Market, NOW!
thus....the $$$$ speaks, game developers do not need a survey company to assuage who their fan base is....

yes, spiderweb, with its GENEFORGE...and other small developers, step in to fill the need, to try to re-balance the games.

too bad there is not someone out there with a game with near-Morrowindy graphics, but with Ultima gameplay! if UNREAL or even lands of lore 2..3 [?]
can have fairly good graphics without a 2.4 pentium III minimum to enter playing, why not have an "ok" graphics game with very very subtle, deep, gameplay with a
rich NPC world?!

may be a month before i gewt done with UU!. then i think it will be wiz 8.
then maybe Stonekeep.