Friday, July 12, 2002

---letter to Steve Yost of "blur circle weblog"

he "owns' and runs the
hey Steve!

I have just discovered Quicktopic! I first thought that it was just ANOTHER
messegeboard, although a very good one...."dummy" that i am! I have four blogger
weblogs. i use the Lycos gear GUESTBOOK in some of my
weblogs: a good one but a small hell to get to read the entries with through all the
hoops that i have to jump for! I had also us[ed] the lycos Feedback form, another not
so accessible thing!
The Light Dawned!
---why not use the Quicktopic board *as* a guestbook that is actually a two way
interactive extension
of my weblog, *as* a part of my weblog, to let people get to post their comments in
it; make it a "mailing list/newsgroup", even!
there is a "anti-sai baba" list, in quicktopic that has something like 3000 posts with a
dozen 'subscribers"!

I wonder if it would be worth it to put the links of quicktopic under EACH weblog
entry, like you do steve?!

yes there is stuff out there like "rateyourmusic"...but they seem to be accepting new
signups only on the new moon
when the cows eat carrots and the mailman sings: if all occur at once, you have
3.991 minutes to sign up and only the first 15 clickers onto the site get to sign up!!

So i now have a quicktopic list for *each* of my weblogs. freestonelinks one year to live my life after near death experiences freestone's incredibilities

so i thank you for being there Steve!