Friday, July 26, 2002

---a letter to a newsgroup that i wrote, concerning someone's monitor eyestrain!

>>>>"D wrote in message news:..
> I must be getting old. I used to be able to spend my days in front of Ultima
> 4, Civilization and Castle Wolfenstein, gaming until the wee hours with no
> problems at all. Now I find it harder and harder to play for more than an
> hour or so at a time; eventually my eyes are too strained to focus and I
> need to take a break.


I read through most of the thread, and i did not find something that helped me greatly....mentioned!!

I got my new system and all that, then i noted that i had bad eyestrain after only a while of playing.

I did some net research and found one *very* interesting article!
he says....more or less..."many people set their monitors where the point of eye-focus is up too too high. they look up at the screen and not down. this is bad!
the Human animal has the eyes set to look down at the ground or down at the animal charging, tis the natural muscle-setup for the look at something below the far off horizen, on the ground.
solution: set the monitor where the focus of looking is BELOW the horizontal. set this monitor where you are looking down at it, a bit, the sceen must be a bit below eye-level. then the eye muscles do not have to strain, un-naturally, to look at the monitor.

I did this...i set my chair up about three inches higher, as i could not lower my monitor, on my desk.

IS A GREAT HELP: very very little further eyestrain!!