Tuesday, July 16, 2002


I went to post, in the reverse speech student Board, a question.

"what does reverse speech say about Sathya Sai baba?"

---led me to one of the reverse speech sites where i got a shock!
if true, that is.....
researcher says....Greg Albrecht[sp?], that
the Whirlwind, the collective uncounscious, reveals, through reverse speech....that there is a great Collective of people United in the symbol of Krisna--Shiva. that all of the South Indian symbols refer to the BLACK RACE! "black race", meaning the Afro people all over the world, in Africa...south america, the american south. also the Austrailian Abroriginal peoples of the 'dreamtime". And, of course, the India peoples, especially the South Indians; the Dradivian peoples.
go to
to read further!

if true; Amazing! all of the immegration of the indian people into africa, over the thousands of years, Greg says, cements this.
INTERESTING! undeground connections between Indians and
blues..gospal music...krisna cult peoples....sathya sai baba...india, and the Hindu religion!

a rural black gospal-singing church, on a sunday morning, in north florida----connected to bakti devotional
Hindu temple?!