Wednesday, July 10, 2002


I have just crawled out from maybe an hour of looking at anti-Sathya Sai baba sites!
mostly the at
is the one that I really looked at, and think highly of; as much as i could take, as the writing is so dense.

Seems more and more people are having *really* bad things happen to them when they go see Sai
baba, in india, at his ashram! Seems many many people are finding that most of his personal history
is "not right", either.....on and on.

my take on this, is baba Evil or not---may actually be the most challanging of all!!

that baba may be and do just exactly what he is accussed of, ALL of it: to make very very sure that he is not worshipped as God! once he, as Guru, has gotten the personal inner connection to spirit installed into a devotee, this devotee does not need the 'training wheel" anymore that is the outer baba-form!
thus baba makes sure that the devotee goes away mad and dis-illusioned!

i have a take: that this "baba-heavenland" that he is supposed to be taking his devotees to, after they die, it will not have a single picture or image of baba there! in fact, i feel, there will be NO trace of Sia baba there at all.
"LOVE, GOODNESS,TRUTH" do not have a shape or form.
baba is only a "telephone" and he wants people to pitch it into the trash, once the messege is delivered and the inner phone-connection is made to one's own Spirit-Source.
that is my take on Sai baba!