Friday, July 19, 2002

Interesting Dream last night!

I went/was taken to a room where some Guide tells me...
"Christianity is really Shinto religion"!
Then i was shown some astral scenes in a language not understood, there was a feeling that perhaps the messege was that Jesus is one of the "Honored Ancestors" that make up the Driving force, in the Shinto parthenon! End of dream.

I was stationed in japan, with the Air force, in the 60s. i took many walks through the country-side and many visits to Shinto shrines. from what little i know about Shinto, i can see WHY this guide would say this! Shinto is really a kind of ancestor worship, worship of Ancestors of family clans who have a God at the head of them, high high up in the astral realms. the "first family progenerator", the first ancestor, has, by now, become a god, the head of all the spirit-ancestors who have died years ago. As this first family member rose, in heaven , he would be followed by the other members who come after, through time.
I think that all the gods of all the families are "one", or at least very very interconnected, as they all are, by now, on a spirit plane very high up there: thus all the clans and families are Connected to each other through that point of spirit. thus all earthly incarnated people, of the Japanese sub-race, are connected to each other through that upper connection of these family gods. the Christian equivalent, might be..."the communion of saints". each family member, who died, depend upon that god, AND the Honorage of their earthly family "under' them, in order to be "living" and awake in heaven.
If THIS is the correct definition of "Shinto", i can see why my Guide would say that! perhaps Hinduism also would be like this.
Too---as the japanese people, by now, have influenced our culture-world so much, by now, perhaps my dream is a reflection of a Spirit-world process, now going on, where Shinto and Christianity are being
brought together, into one the spirit world, at least. they would become interchangable, to any arrived spirit, there, soon.