Saturday, July 13, 2002

I went to another ANTI- Sai baba site just now.
quite a site.....
if you *really* want to know!
Oh the viscousness of Devotees who think they have been decieved and now they tear at this baba like nothing you ever want around ya! [there is no more bitter anti-ciggarette
campaigner than an EX-smoker!!]

i got less than one year to await! to await having to CONFRONT this baba in person!! i surely will: after dozens and dozens of baba dreams where i know, now, that some of them is where baba appeared "objectively" to me: the connection is now made.

I feel that all Gurus get caught into the LOOP!
the loop?
---this is where the guru "god" energy goes out to the pupils and then the energy from all the pupils comes back to the guru and then all of that again loops out thru the pupils and back again:a loop!
Thus soon, very soon, the circle becomes of the lower "common denominator" of humanity---the lower chackras! soon the guru , like that "Antelope, Oregon" guy...becomes a paragram of the lowest levels of humanity *as* he is bonded to the collective uncounscoius: thus he becomes a mouth-piece *for* the collective uncounscious! "lets fuck and screw" now the Tone!

most gurus fall down, i feel, for this reason: rock stars and celebrities too!
Jesus is safely DEAD: out of the living loop!