Thursday, July 25, 2002

i just came from the bus station. at the candy machine row, i saw a very thin young 18 year old black lady faint and fall. she had plastic high heels that were about 8" tall, how could she even walk?
in a moment she was surrounded by the bus people, a far off ambulance siren drew near.
she was surrounded by about ten other young black ladies. all with cell phones. all thin.

i pondered a moment, as i sat eating my lunch later...
did she have a health problem?
did she have , for ten generations behind her....did she have relatives that at 18 weighed 200 pounds and she obeyed the STYLE
AWARENESS of today's youth, and was on a strict diet?! for many these days..."style" and "peer group acceptance"
*IS* all there is.
I may never know why she fainted.