Thursday, July 25, 2002

I have a friend in upstate new York. In the 1970s, he was a up and coming CEO for national cash register
and one day he drove home and had a accident and was BLINDED! his wife left him immediately!!
So today, he lives a Christain life, in Trumansburg, gets along well. He and his Seeing Dog, Dooly, walk the town streets and He can do house repair and has been written up by people for doing Good Things in Spite of not being able to see!
he writes poetry. this here, poem, perhaps this one, below, is not one that he writes, he sent it out to all the people on his "mailing list": he may have gotten it from elsewhere on the net...I may well post here, in the future, any poems that he PERSONALLY writes!
he lost a CEO job, but gained a Saved Soul....

"Bruce A Babcock"
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:46:47 -0400


Take notice of something special you see on your lunch
hour today.

When you go home, Go barefoot. Or walk on the beach at
Stop off on the way home tonight to get a double-dip
ice cream cone.

"For as we get older, it is not the things we did that
we often regret,
but the things we didn't do.

Don't cry because it's over; smile because it

Give thanks and enjoy and rejoice in what God has
created for:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we
take, but by the
moments that take our breath away."

'Peace, Holy Spirit'