Tuesday, July 02, 2002


yes i ponder a bit about my may 13th vision that "in one year you will begin your spirit journey".

there is a quote from Sathya sai baba that I like. "Too too many people just accept my miricles
and Manifestations as an end in and of themselves : they never look beyond these Miricles to see the Reality that is behind them!"
Yes, my great Announcement came on may 13th. Tis could be easy for me to do what most people do with their Great Dreams: learn the messege of the dream, alone, via the dream!
there is more, however, that must be done. Most people take for granted, as i say, the dream date.
my dream occurred on may 13th. why could it not have been may 12th?! or the 10th?
or on any date in the month.
why the 13th? is there a reason *for* this particular date?

[there is a great lesson for me, in seeking things like this out, folks! for ANY synchronism, sign, omen, or such "miricle", there is a hidden meaning behind it, a meaning that this miricle refers to. For any "coincidence", there is a meaning that this coincidence refers to: find it!]

so indeed, why the 13th of may?

[background: my mother had for HER vision..."she would die in ten years; but her husband would live till he was 72". He was in intensive care, just after he was 72, i came to see him, on November 2, and all his putdowns of me, for the last 15+ years, was forgiven, we two had a wonderfull fogivingness reuinion. he lived for another 13 months and died on Christmas day, 73 years old. when Mom died, in 1975, the stress of it all was too too much: he blamed it all on ME, would not speak to me from then on....
so we two had a wonderfull forgiveness, but his stroke-damaged brain was so ruined that i could only see him for 20 to 40 minutes at a time. i spent 10 months seeing him at the Home, several times a week. then I left, he lived for several months more, dying on Christmas day. 13 months from november 2nd.
was mom wrong?! she was shown that dudley was to live till he was 72, but he lived another year.]

If mom were "wrong", then maybe MY vision will also be "wrong"!!
father was given an extension by spirit so that he could make amends with his son!
will I have an extension?
was my near-death, in 1998, such that from 1998 until 2003..... IS that extension: i am in it now?!

may 13th 2002, i recieve my Notice. there is a hint there in that 13. dudley died 13 months after I came into that intensive care room, to first see him.
I came on November 2nd. from november 2nd to may 13th...is 172 days. dudley was 72 when I saw him!

My birthday is june 28. there are 46 days between june 28 and may 13th.
I was 46 years old on June 28th, in 1987. This was *the* year that i had with my father: november 1986 to september 1987.
In june of 1987, i came to the Home several times a week.

AHA! the hidden messege of the "may 13th" is that this year, from May 13 to ???? [next may, 2003]
*is* my year of "extension"!! at least that one year, if not from september of 1998!

so from this, folks, i can see that i will not live more years, i am having my extension NOW, thus the vision will not have anymore "additions' to the timespan, unless Spirit overwrites!

---and would i WANT to ask spirit to extend?!!
probably NOT, as this event was probably set up in heaven, before i was born, for a very very GOOD reason! A reason that Spirit may only know... either I, or the Master Guides, set it up, my death-date. would i *want* to tinker with it, not knowing what would be the results if i missed the date?!
to be "an imformed consumer", in this matter, i would have to know the Spirit-reasons, for this date and also the "whys", seen only from the Vantage-points from and of Spirit: only then could i choose to even ask the Spirit to extend. I will not ask: i trust that there is a very very good reason why *that* time is for my spirit life to begin!