Thursday, July 25, 2002

I found "haloscan"!

I went into blogger, in the "discussion-how to" section to see if there was any commenting systems that Worked and were taking on new members! [rateyourmusic, i read, is the "best", but they are filled up, taking no new members].
There was someone who rated two or three new ones that were taking members. I chose this one.
brand new, hopefull, and it seems to work OK! they even have a mailing list, moderator-only, announcements, on the yahoo-groups. their sign-up is easy and the Code inserting is very very easy to do, now, into the blog.

so now you all will see that each and every post that i make, to this journal, can be commented on, by you, directly and immediately! a real interactive journal weblog. so, please comment away!!