Monday, July 01, 2002

Got this in my mailbox today!

>>>> There is something extremely wrong with every single
person in this world. They seem to be part of a
pointless simulation.

"The Matrix" has portrayed this idea somewhat, yet we
watch it and go back to our daily lives. Yet in this
very life, underneath the seeming diversity in
people's opinions, values, talents, and interests,
there is something that makes everyone the same. It
is as though this planet is populated only by mindless
fakes, objects that provide the appearance of
intellect on the surface but are based on only
mechanical reflexes and primitive thought patterns.

Ryan and Jacob
you may read the whole letter,
[ no doubt you already HAVE a copy of your very own, anyway ...Spammed into your mailbox!]
yes, read the entire letter on my other "news" weblog.

[and finding another very very interesting, Literate, weblog....along the way to google-finding this "all people are fakes" site: she found their site!
Lady from Cornell University, a person who has a very interesting weblog...

>>> Who am I?
I'm a mid-20's, female, computer science graduate student. My research is in AI, specifically natural language
Non-CS interests include photography, playing ice hockey, and crocheting. ]
Ryan and Jacob? that url, that she found, for this strange site about the "99% of all people on earth are fakes" is....