Friday, July 05, 2002


i had a sort of "psychological teaching dream" last night.
I was working at the air force computer office. [my life]. I had taken off my green[earth-life] jacket and my green[earthly] shirt, and put them up on a shelf. When the work shift was over[when i will die], i went to the back room to put on my clothes. i discoved that something had mysteriously burned, like as with acid, most of my clothes, leaving only burnt rags!
I went to Dump onto my office officer, saying how these clothes were up so high, just HOW could anything get to them?!
he then told me something, in the dream, that i found to be *very* interesting!

"before you came to work, back even as you came to this airbase, in orientation [getting my Spiritual soul-missions together], did you sign up with any office that uses Magic (magik) as its path?!
If SO....then anything in it, that is of a lower nature, that rapports with YOUR lower, immature, nature: it loops through to your clothes and thus destroys them!"
----meaning, this dream: get to work to remove my inner immaturities and "negativities", as, according to Dream, i HAD signed up with "occult magik groups" before i was born!!! I noted that my jacket, in my dream, was not the jacket color that i had worn for the last 30 years! this jacket was my high school-early college jacket.

what makes this dream 8very* telling and *very* amazing, was what happened the night before just before i went to bed! The dream came from this!
I play computer games and love Role Playing games. the game i now am playing, and highly recommend, is the game GOTHIC. to make this story short, i will not go into the game, here, but i must say this: that i have been playing for a month, now, as a warrior, and last night i had finally got to the mages temple and was qualified, after passing the test to become a mage, a magician. I climbed the stairs of this temple to the upper room to become inituated: a real inituation ceremony. i stood on the pentegram, on the floor, and repeated the Oath of Bonding: I was now a fire mage!
the oath?
---Do I agree to link with the Power beyond the physical, here and in the after-life, eternally?
---Do I bond with this spiritual power that is beyond my earthly being, and serve it, by using it, in my life;
and as as this power grows stronger, with use, my life grows stronger?
---Do i admit that this power is of the Gods and is the very body of these Gods, themselves, that is manifest into the physical world, but has it's seat of focus behind and beyond
this material world: that this earth is permeated by this Spirit, which exists outside of this world?
---Do I agree that i must be disiplined in my life and Concentrated in my thoughts, for the rest of my life,
as the power of the gods can only be used by such a Mage? [a poor life will bring poor magic Results?

"Yes", i replied: i took the oath.
I am now a first circle Fire mage. i can cast "light"," fire missile", and a few others.

This GOTHIC is "only a game"! a German RPG computer game: i highly recommend it, if you like RPGs!

but golly! not only was this Intuation game event, one of the most intense of the game-events i had experienced, this event seems so "real-occult" sure had a great effect on my dreams, hours later!
too bad i cannot recall the exact quotes of this intuation: maybe i can replay it from a saved game! AND write it down: so so instructive!!!
Yes, sign up to be a Sorceror, a Mage, using the aura of the Gods, channeling it through oneself, to effect the material world! bond with it for life AND for the eternal afterlife too!
any "leakage" of this power, through "negative" or "immature" areas of my life, will bring actions to fruit, there, that i may not like: this is the dream-messege!