Saturday, July 20, 2002

a copy of part of a letter to David Oates, the director and creator of the Reverse Speech site
[he is the discoverer and developer of Reverse Speech]

----A migrating flock of birds, is the earth sending a messege from one part of itself to
another part of itself.....anon.

Hello David Oates.
I am the person who tried to E-mail Jeff about whether there is or not any Reverse Speech
research done on Sathya sai baba's discourses.

Well, David, i spent all of the yesterday morning going through your and the other link-sites, about Reverse Speech, the whirlwind, Rochlyn, and such!
I am impressed.
I have always been very very intrigued about the hidden messeges behind our everyday reality.
there are many areas that i have studied, not very well, but at least read up on, and Believe In.

---spirit communication via blank cassette tapes! several researchers have found that if a blank tape is
recorded, in a certain way, like being tuned to a place on a radio between stations, there are messeges on the tape! these messeges come from deceased souls, from the spirit world.
for example.

----that the "top 50" pop tunes reflect the ongoing happenings of the collective uncounscoiusness: that there are hidden messges in the songs, *not* in any "embeddings", but in how the topic of the song, and its title, reflects something in our culture, at the time of its popularity.

----then there is Ken Keyes[?]. He studied designed embedding of sublimual graphics in advertising. could either be done on purpose or done uncounsciously, by the ad-makers. he has written a mumber of books on this topic.

---I have found that "community murals" often have hidden messeges in them! i knew, once, a mural painter who always had his murals painted over after they had been up for less than a year: the hidden uncounscious messege was found out, or else the Client was disturbed over his mural!
To wit: one of his murals for a resturant in his very very conservative hometown....showed a Victorian main street of this town circa 1880. A man and his wife walked down the sidewalk, the lady first, before him.
They were in front of a byccycle shop and from the painter's perspective the handlebars of a window-displayed bike stuck out from the wife's head as if she were a deer with antlers!
This painter and i agreed: in the 1880 town, AND in the currant same town...."men handled their wifes" woman's lib HERE, thank you!!
Stuff like that: hidden messeges between the lines, of murals. Something about the community or of the client, painted within the mural:
even that mural on the wall of the Quincy, fla, library showing the Trade center with the two airplanes crashing into the tower, the colors of the planes were correct...there were red demons walking on the sidewalks. This mural was painted by high school students as a volenteer project
IN ABOUT 1993!!!

yes, amazing. i have added your site, and others in your link-base, to my pages and to my yet another topic of my interest in hidden meanings!
I can now very very well see why you had that "falling out" with that other major researcher: his site is frankly "material".
no spiritual at all, he says it outright!! I, who have had numerious experiences, with the world of the souls in the afterlife, spirit, worlds, can not imagine how someone can do research into the hidden, on this material plane, without going into the "upper planes" in vibration: all the six spirit planes interact with this material plane, there there is richness of Interaction "vertically" as well as "horizontally"!
[Yes, i believe in Spiritualism and Survival after death]
I, myself, have experienced many many Visiondreams of going into the heavenworlds to see/be shown places there and even talk two way conversations with some of my relatives there.
"my life after near death expereinces"
---there is a link there, on the left sidebar, to my other sites, one of which has about 30 of my experiences written up, in the files area, for one to read them.

yes, David, how can one be bored? there is so so much to life, so little that we know about it!
so many mysteries.