Wednesday, July 24, 2002

article in the St Pete [fla] paper this morning, in the editorial section.

was about....someone is of the opinion that as the market sinks ever the lower, due to the excess
of the baby-boom generation, in Greed and Manipulations, in business, the retirement value of these stocks sink low also. Thus the generation before them, the now 60--70 year old people who are just getting ready to retire, and do their dreams, why now they will have to keep on working, instead!!
The writer says that great anger and social stress will occur from this, as these two generations conflict!
thus the baby-boomers have ended up eating out the whole wave, of the "after' and "before" generations!

I pondered a bit over this...
I am 61, born in 1941, i am just at the point of being a "before" generation. the generation
of people who were born in the great depression and WW II....seems that for them
life IS work! work is life and life is work, when the work is done you die. if they quit first, many DO die, as they are now like puppets without strings, no meaning for living if there is no work!
----the roofer "Ben" who roofed dawn to dusk until he was 70, then he died on the job with heart attcak.
----I asked the 1970 gas pumper, "you just said that you work 80 hours a week, my that is a lot of time"!
he replies...."why if i was not working, i would just sit at home and watch tv: might as well get paid for living!"
Now this generation will Have Their Dreams---work till they die and get paid for living!