Wednesday, July 31, 2002

lunch in a church!
I nearly always eat my lunch in a church!

The tallahassee Episcapal[sp--i spell unknown words *as* they sound!] chuch has a cafeteria thats offers lunch for the church workers and for anyone else who comes in: a regular cafe.
Recently, the main meeting hall, the actual church meeting room, has been under construction so that the Sunday service is held in the auditorium: the cafe! so i do indeed eat in the room where sunday church is held. on sundays they move the tables over. so i sit near the alter and the piano.
lunch in a church!

tallahassee seems famious for this: interestingly strange eating places!
---a cafe in a caboose. a railroad caboose, just sitting in the industial park. the industrail park is really something else too: an art park, lots of galleries, though there still is a few industries there!
---a cafe in the Old Guard American legion hall, a cafe that is one of the "hangouts" for the literate and the Intelligent and the computer/arts people!! right next door to the 'Nam vet hall too!
yes, in the hall where old 1944 vets gather, at night sometimes a viet nam vet or a ww II vet will sit down with a grad student and have a good Dialogue!
people in a room!

as per the yesterday's entry, about those people in the room, i wonder.......

Now, i feel that they could be people who are awaiting my arrival there! maybe for me, maybe for others, too, a general room for "incoming souls".
My friend Sam, he has been waiting too.

"we all help each other to get born and we all help each other to get ready to die!"
---I was present, in spirit, as i saw a ball of light float down a hill and enter a hole, next to a lady i knew who was near-ready to give birth. In a few days she gave birth to a boy. i was present when the soul entered.
---about three years before my near-senile father died, several people, including me, went into the astral and met with my father, to be with him, and from what i heard from the other people, like of my shaman friend sam....who also went into the spirit worlds, to see my father: there we all helped my father Dudley get ready to die!
---I read about an account from a Sai baba devotee, that she knew of an older man who lived north of new york city, in the hills. in the last year of his life, Sai
baba would come to him at night, in dreams, and counsel him about life and death, baba did this near-nightly, until this man died in a year.
but this man never was a baba devotee! Did not even know him, never even read of him!
we all are interconnected, via Spirit. thus as my Time approaches, i would thus inagine that the "cast" of greeters would indeed assemble, in the spirit world, to Recieve me. As time runs differently there in heaven, it might appear, to my dreaming, that these people are getting ready for me to come in days! However, from what i read, this is not so....i will have months: the time differential is that great.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Seeing the people of Heaven!

well, last night I lay awake, about 4 am. If this occurs, i often have a "sure -fire" way of going back to sleep.
i imagine things!
I make up a room, or a scene outdoors and imagine that it is within the world of spirit. somewheres in the spirit, afterlife, world.

so last nigh i imagined a room full of people from heaven, the kinds of people that i might meet after i die.
I saw about 80 people, standing and sitting in chairs, in a room of wooden walls. i noted how "strange" some of them dressed!
different cultures perhaps, different times maybe.
[was i "only" imagining these people...or was i Imaging what is really there, in heaven?

I looked over to the chairs, far off across the room, in a chair, was my SISTER! My sister who died in 1986. A younger version of this lady, maybe 30 years old and heavy-set. was certainly my sister, Suanna!
Aha! i was so surprised that i woke up! thus i never got to see if she were to come over and to talk to me!

thus i feel that this place is a real Spiritland place!

Monday, July 29, 2002

I was just going to post something, the alarm goes off....there it stopped!
ya wonder, in the tropics!
once upon a time, maybe 1960, when i went to school here, the electric would go off every day!

the only city where i see mold grow on mushrooms!
grows on cars. houses. you!
there is a plant here, KUDZU, that grows so fast...that if a farmer were to plant plugs of it, he needs three tools.
----shovel to plant it.
----pail of water to water the planted cutting.
---a machete so he can get away!
whew and whew again!
takes SO much work and time to manage and to rewrite the intros for my NOW ...FIVE weblogs!

I do indeed note why ev/pyra does not like netscape! half the codes do not seem to work well in netscape! even the "comments" do not work well!
THEN i discoved that my weblogs look different in Explorer than they do in netscape! since i *have* to use net. a lot, i set up everything for Nets.
sigh...another library computer Told To me The truth!

so be aware that your site, readers, may well look different in each of the two browsers!

Saturday, July 27, 2002


lotta work putting up a new weblog! i felt i "had" to do this as my link to the yahoogroups, while OK, is a bit more complicated than just one click! too, yahoogroups is just a "read only" site, where i cannot alter
the pages.
has that very *very* neat COMMENT thing, like the 'rateyourmusic"...and one can actually sign up for it right now! some like it better!!

so i have the comment line under each vision writeup, so that anyone who reads these visions can now comment directly......this is one reason why i made this holding place for some of my visions...

I finally put up a few of my "best visions", of my experiences of going in my DreamBody to visit places in the afterlife, Spirit, worlds, on a new blogger page so that they are on the blogger system.

Too....they are easy to click on, as there are no "link hoops" to jump through, before you read them.
So, if you like to read of some of my personal visits to heaven, before i die, please visit....

---letter to usenet news group..."comp.rpg" (freestone wilson) wrote
> hi everyone!
> so after GOTHIC, what game did i install?
> a "way way back there" game!
> any opinions from old Ultima people?!
> freestone

well hi everyone, from freestone.

thanks for the 38 replies. i have about 40 to 50 older games that i had found, bought, bargin bined, over the last year or two. the Ultimas await, wiz 8 is probably "next" after UUI. i have played UU2 already.
so is UU1 better than MW?!
---i suppose it is like..."is apple pie better than cherry pie!"
both are good, in their own way. I loved daggerfall[ i have THAT game awaiting too!], and what little Arena that i could buggedly play.

I am still on level 2 and 3, in UU1! no hurry. yes i can now fish so that food is no problem and as i took the role of
DRUID, i can also cast a spell, now, for food!
GOTHIC was weak in magic, i felt. i wanted to Compensate, in U.
---I still find the load times amazing. in Gothic i had to make sure that i had over an hour free to play, as the load times just to get to the first screen seemed about FIVE MINUTES! Took near ten minutes before i could get to play. In UU1, the computer bootup takes far far longer than the gamesetup!! must be all of five seconds till i am playing, in UU1!
half a second to save and to re-load!
little touches.
little touches that seem to be missing in so many modern games.
---i just discovered that ....on one foray down a tunnel, i accidently hit my sword
on a barrel. these barrels puzzled me as there is no way to open them: i figured they were there just for decoration. "looking" at my sword to see if it were damaged, i accidently clicked on the condition of the barrel and the screen says..."damaged barrel"! aha! remove sword to bare fists and bash away away away...soon this barrel broke and there were goods!
---rocks can be broken with the hammer.

I suspect that as the graphics cards have gotten SO good, SO fast, the last few years, that game developers, enamered and englamored with this "new toy"; they have focused more on graphics and world, rather than Intelligent Interactions and gameplay.
perhaps soon the developers will balance out the games and add more
gamestory. but the graphics cards never stop growing!! so the developers have always the more incentive to have that eye-candy in the game and no time for much else!

too...just look at your own lives, readers! do ya have the dedicated time, these hecktic days, to really get Involved with a deep, rich, game?!
yes *you* might, you rpg fans...but the 80% of the rest of the Casual gamers, do they?! once upon a time the *only* real gamers were professional nerds who lived and breathed computers! nowadays, the base has broadened so that, say, a manager of Hardee's fast food, comes home after his 12 hour shift, and he boots up his computer to unwind and he does *NOT* want to have to try to figure out
where he was in the game from four days ago. he does NOT want to have to deal with food, dull weapons and complicated character progressions and choosings!
basicly, he just wants to shoot!! he has had a hard day at work, so "mindless
killing" is just the ticket for him!
but these players make up 60% to 80% of the Market, NOW!
thus....the $$$$ speaks, game developers do not need a survey company to assuage who their fan base is....

yes, spiderweb, with its GENEFORGE...and other small developers, step in to fill the need, to try to re-balance the games.

too bad there is not someone out there with a game with near-Morrowindy graphics, but with Ultima gameplay! if UNREAL or even lands of lore 2..3 [?]
can have fairly good graphics without a 2.4 pentium III minimum to enter playing, why not have an "ok" graphics game with very very subtle, deep, gameplay with a
rich NPC world?!

may be a month before i gewt done with UU!. then i think it will be wiz 8.
then maybe Stonekeep.


Friday, July 26, 2002

---that neat redirect, there on blogger's front page!

here i went, at random, to
---a neatlooking graphics weblog![]
---a Lutheran Church's homepage.
---a medical weblog site, with lots and LOTS of health/medical links!
---a lawyer's weblog.
---graphics artist's weblog.
bet soon my "freestonelinks" weblog will get a LOT of links, gotten from this here redirect trip!!
tis better than even the "just published weblogs" on bloggerpage!
go check out my "freestonelinks" see some of these just found links, and about 50 others!

WOW! this little link-gem comes from the front page of blogger itself.
A RANDOM LINK GENERATOR!! ---for pyra's weblogs!
---go to one, at random, of *any* of those 200,000 to 600,000 weblogs that are on file! so what if the number may actually be only 100,000. spin the wheel and see what ya git!
Random Recently Updated
Redirector: NextBlog. Drag it to your link
toolbar for endless blog surfing goodness.
– Ev. [7/26/2002 01:31:18 AM] +
---a letter to a newsgroup that i wrote, concerning someone's monitor eyestrain!

>>>>"D wrote in message news:..
> I must be getting old. I used to be able to spend my days in front of Ultima
> 4, Civilization and Castle Wolfenstein, gaming until the wee hours with no
> problems at all. Now I find it harder and harder to play for more than an
> hour or so at a time; eventually my eyes are too strained to focus and I
> need to take a break.


I read through most of the thread, and i did not find something that helped me greatly....mentioned!!

I got my new system and all that, then i noted that i had bad eyestrain after only a while of playing.

I did some net research and found one *very* interesting article!
he says....more or less..."many people set their monitors where the point of eye-focus is up too too high. they look up at the screen and not down. this is bad!
the Human animal has the eyes set to look down at the ground or down at the animal charging, tis the natural muscle-setup for the look at something below the far off horizen, on the ground.
solution: set the monitor where the focus of looking is BELOW the horizontal. set this monitor where you are looking down at it, a bit, the sceen must be a bit below eye-level. then the eye muscles do not have to strain, un-naturally, to look at the monitor.

I did this...i set my chair up about three inches higher, as i could not lower my monitor, on my desk.

IS A GREAT HELP: very very little further eyestrain!!


Thursday, July 25, 2002

i just came from the bus station. at the candy machine row, i saw a very thin young 18 year old black lady faint and fall. she had plastic high heels that were about 8" tall, how could she even walk?
in a moment she was surrounded by the bus people, a far off ambulance siren drew near.
she was surrounded by about ten other young black ladies. all with cell phones. all thin.

i pondered a moment, as i sat eating my lunch later...
did she have a health problem?
did she have , for ten generations behind her....did she have relatives that at 18 weighed 200 pounds and she obeyed the STYLE
AWARENESS of today's youth, and was on a strict diet?! for many these days..."style" and "peer group acceptance"
*IS* all there is.
I may never know why she fainted.

I have a friend in upstate new York. In the 1970s, he was a up and coming CEO for national cash register
and one day he drove home and had a accident and was BLINDED! his wife left him immediately!!
So today, he lives a Christain life, in Trumansburg, gets along well. He and his Seeing Dog, Dooly, walk the town streets and He can do house repair and has been written up by people for doing Good Things in Spite of not being able to see!
he writes poetry. this here, poem, perhaps this one, below, is not one that he writes, he sent it out to all the people on his "mailing list": he may have gotten it from elsewhere on the net...I may well post here, in the future, any poems that he PERSONALLY writes!
he lost a CEO job, but gained a Saved Soul....

"Bruce A Babcock"
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:46:47 -0400


Take notice of something special you see on your lunch
hour today.

When you go home, Go barefoot. Or walk on the beach at
Stop off on the way home tonight to get a double-dip
ice cream cone.

"For as we get older, it is not the things we did that
we often regret,
but the things we didn't do.

Don't cry because it's over; smile because it

Give thanks and enjoy and rejoice in what God has
created for:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we
take, but by the
moments that take our breath away."

'Peace, Holy Spirit'
strange strange dream last night!

i went, in my dream, to a house where a psychic gave to me a Tarot reading!!
[this is not the first time this has happened: i have had maybe a dozen such events, in my dreams---usually the readings are *very* signifigent, to whatever is going on at that time in my life!]

the dream begins where I am with a group of people in a living room and this older lady offers to give to me a tarot card reading. [I used to read cards for others, in the 70s]
she lays out the first card. it was "DEATH"...the deathcard, the skeleton-with-sythe card!
"Hmmmm" she says.....
she lays out the next card, the Emperor, upsidedown. She tells me that this card represents the "Dallas/Texas cowboy" [in all of my dreams, whenever i dream of Dallas or Texas, it means "heaven", the spirit world!]. It is upsidedown, crosses the death card. that would mean that my ego-self is challenged, the real ruler, my Self, is in the spirit world, and "Rules"...where-as here in the world
my earthly ego is challenged and "made small" by the Knowing where the Real Rule and Center of my
life the spirit world.
the last card, of the cards that i can remember...was the "what is really going on" card, the "final summery" card.
it was the "WHEEL", the tenth card. the psychic tells me as much...the "wheel of Fate rules you, the wheel of fate *IS*...accept that!"

may 13 of 2003, that date of my "one year to live" Vision, creeps ever ever the closer: maybe i might have as much as six months after that date: maybe even a month or so LESS than that live here as "freestone"! an extension?? not from this here tarot card reading.....
keep tuned, "fans", of Freestone's "live cam" countdown to hiw Moving to Heaven!!
either in
"my life after near death experiences"
"one year to live"
some posts will go to both journals, like this post.
I found "haloscan"!

I went into blogger, in the "discussion-how to" section to see if there was any commenting systems that Worked and were taking on new members! [rateyourmusic, i read, is the "best", but they are filled up, taking no new members].
There was someone who rated two or three new ones that were taking members. I chose this one.
brand new, hopefull, and it seems to work OK! they even have a mailing list, moderator-only, announcements, on the yahoo-groups. their sign-up is easy and the Code inserting is very very easy to do, now, into the blog.

so now you all will see that each and every post that i make, to this journal, can be commented on, by you, directly and immediately! a real interactive journal weblog. so, please comment away!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

article in the St Pete [fla] paper this morning, in the editorial section.

was about....someone is of the opinion that as the market sinks ever the lower, due to the excess
of the baby-boom generation, in Greed and Manipulations, in business, the retirement value of these stocks sink low also. Thus the generation before them, the now 60--70 year old people who are just getting ready to retire, and do their dreams, why now they will have to keep on working, instead!!
The writer says that great anger and social stress will occur from this, as these two generations conflict!
thus the baby-boomers have ended up eating out the whole wave, of the "after' and "before" generations!

I pondered a bit over this...
I am 61, born in 1941, i am just at the point of being a "before" generation. the generation
of people who were born in the great depression and WW II....seems that for them
life IS work! work is life and life is work, when the work is done you die. if they quit first, many DO die, as they are now like puppets without strings, no meaning for living if there is no work!
----the roofer "Ben" who roofed dawn to dusk until he was 70, then he died on the job with heart attcak.
----I asked the 1970 gas pumper, "you just said that you work 80 hours a week, my that is a lot of time"!
he replies...."why if i was not working, i would just sit at home and watch tv: might as well get paid for living!"
Now this generation will Have Their Dreams---work till they die and get paid for living!

Tuesday, July 23, 2002


here yet again ANOTHER of one of these dreams, i get one of them nearly once a week now....

Dream begins....
i am in that midwestern town, a midwest large town. i get out of my old car, always an old car, one that i must have had back 20 or more years ago. Today, i walk over to a small fair or carnival, i look at an
exhibit of old antiques.
[fair=the "carnival of life", of the world]
[antiques=my life]
I walk back to my car, and somehow notice that the transmission and drive train have utterly come apart, broken!! car is useless, maybe Unreparible! all my stuff of luggage is in it, but i walk to town to find some help. there is a church that i then go to, but i eventually find that they are into "multi-level marketing" with some "Satanic" activity with some child-abuse thrown in for good measure: utterly corrupt in every way!
then i go to a homeless shelter after finding out that the one motel is booked solid. there are maybe 80 people waiting to enter this shelter, maybe more! i dejectedly walk back to my car as rain begins to fall, and dusk comes early. dream ends *only* as the alarm chimes: i *suspect* that if this dream had gone on anymore, i would have returned to my car only to find that it was afire and burned up, nothing left but the burnt frame and all of my stuff is gone! I would THEN have been standing next to a burned out car, with just the summer clothes on my back, as it gets dark, chilly, and rain falls---I know no one, and there is no place to even sleep, and everyplace in this town Fails to aid me, in some "not their fault" way!
thus as this dream would end, naturally; if the alarm would not wake me before this dream ends....the last scene would be where i would be standing in a HUGE
empty parking lot, at dusk, the sky cloudy, rainy. i cannot see even any buildings nearby to shelter me: basicly i stand in a 300 acre field of asphault, next to my burnt out car.
I face, utterly utterly ALONE, the darking sky in the Northeast!

Intent of dream, i see this morning, have me, at dream's End, to have and own nothing, a stranger in a lonely town, alone alone alone and there is not a shred of aid for me anywheres!

As i walked to Campus, this 8 am, i now know why i have these dreams, folks! as spirit has given to me The News....the news of my one year to live, on this earth, as of may 13, 2002, in that Vision, i can now see why i get these dreams!
they are "prep" dreams!
to prep me to Know, in my very Guts, that

The Physical World Rots!!

---everything that is physical...will rot and die. every apple will someday rot; every house will someday be for sale. death comes to all, no matter if i am poor or i am a CEO with a "living large" house northeast of the City! nothing PHYSICAL, material, will hold!
even the Mind can go: the stats say that 10% to 20% of all people will die SENILE! Alzeiemers
will reduce one or two, out of ten people, into mindless blobs of flesh that will not even recognize
wife or husband, as they lay there on the bed, about two months old!! "circling the drain"...they call it!!
So this dream prepares me to Know this is so: nothing in my material life will Last! only the Inner, the Soul, the Spirit, will Cross Over into the Spirit world, with my counsciousness.
In fact, Counsciousness is all that is of ME!!-----*that* is the messege of these dreams! That Counsciuosness, self-awareness, is the only "physical reality" that holds!
True Aloneness. all else will fall away......friends, things, homes, clothes, money: everything that is not "spiritual" will DIE, Rot, decay, leave!
Even my body will Fail to last. "end-state' will perhaps be a senile old man on a bed in some state-owned nursing Home!

I Know that a river is not measured by its "low water level": an ocean is not measured by its low tide mark!
A person's life is not measured by that last year in the Home for Alzeimers!

Saturday, July 20, 2002

a copy of part of a letter to David Oates, the director and creator of the Reverse Speech site
[he is the discoverer and developer of Reverse Speech]

----A migrating flock of birds, is the earth sending a messege from one part of itself to
another part of itself.....anon.

Hello David Oates.
I am the person who tried to E-mail Jeff about whether there is or not any Reverse Speech
research done on Sathya sai baba's discourses.

Well, David, i spent all of the yesterday morning going through your and the other link-sites, about Reverse Speech, the whirlwind, Rochlyn, and such!
I am impressed.
I have always been very very intrigued about the hidden messeges behind our everyday reality.
there are many areas that i have studied, not very well, but at least read up on, and Believe In.

---spirit communication via blank cassette tapes! several researchers have found that if a blank tape is
recorded, in a certain way, like being tuned to a place on a radio between stations, there are messeges on the tape! these messeges come from deceased souls, from the spirit world.
for example.

----that the "top 50" pop tunes reflect the ongoing happenings of the collective uncounscoiusness: that there are hidden messges in the songs, *not* in any "embeddings", but in how the topic of the song, and its title, reflects something in our culture, at the time of its popularity.

----then there is Ken Keyes[?]. He studied designed embedding of sublimual graphics in advertising. could either be done on purpose or done uncounsciously, by the ad-makers. he has written a mumber of books on this topic.

---I have found that "community murals" often have hidden messeges in them! i knew, once, a mural painter who always had his murals painted over after they had been up for less than a year: the hidden uncounscious messege was found out, or else the Client was disturbed over his mural!
To wit: one of his murals for a resturant in his very very conservative hometown....showed a Victorian main street of this town circa 1880. A man and his wife walked down the sidewalk, the lady first, before him.
They were in front of a byccycle shop and from the painter's perspective the handlebars of a window-displayed bike stuck out from the wife's head as if she were a deer with antlers!
This painter and i agreed: in the 1880 town, AND in the currant same town...."men handled their wifes" woman's lib HERE, thank you!!
Stuff like that: hidden messeges between the lines, of murals. Something about the community or of the client, painted within the mural:
even that mural on the wall of the Quincy, fla, library showing the Trade center with the two airplanes crashing into the tower, the colors of the planes were correct...there were red demons walking on the sidewalks. This mural was painted by high school students as a volenteer project
IN ABOUT 1993!!!

yes, amazing. i have added your site, and others in your link-base, to my pages and to my yet another topic of my interest in hidden meanings!
I can now very very well see why you had that "falling out" with that other major researcher: his site is frankly "material".
no spiritual at all, he says it outright!! I, who have had numerious experiences, with the world of the souls in the afterlife, spirit, worlds, can not imagine how someone can do research into the hidden, on this material plane, without going into the "upper planes" in vibration: all the six spirit planes interact with this material plane, there there is richness of Interaction "vertically" as well as "horizontally"!
[Yes, i believe in Spiritualism and Survival after death]
I, myself, have experienced many many Visiondreams of going into the heavenworlds to see/be shown places there and even talk two way conversations with some of my relatives there.
"my life after near death expereinces"
---there is a link there, on the left sidebar, to my other sites, one of which has about 30 of my experiences written up, in the files area, for one to read them.

yes, David, how can one be bored? there is so so much to life, so little that we know about it!
so many mysteries.


Friday, July 19, 2002

Interesting article. Are these new agers who write about "alien abductions, us gov. coverups, and conspiricy plans..... telling the truth?!

>>>>Exposing the Alternative World with Reverse Speech
By Michael Goodspeed

Over the past several months, I've been doing reversal work on some of the most noted figures in the
world of alternative thinking. These include Whitley Strieber, Richard Hoagland, Peter Gersten, Sherman
Skolnick, Jeff Rense, Lloyd Pye, and Dr. Bruce Goldberg. They are people whom I have long
been interested in,and have had great admiration and respect for. To say that their reversals have served as a rude awakening would be a profound understatement.
[ snip] [snip]
These are some of the most signficant reversals I've found on the alternative world, and by and large, they
are extremely disheartening. People who present themselves as beacons of spiritual enlightenment, truth
and compassion are often shameless hucksters and snakeoil salesmen. >>>>>

go to
to read the article.

Interesting Dream last night!

I went/was taken to a room where some Guide tells me...
"Christianity is really Shinto religion"!
Then i was shown some astral scenes in a language not understood, there was a feeling that perhaps the messege was that Jesus is one of the "Honored Ancestors" that make up the Driving force, in the Shinto parthenon! End of dream.

I was stationed in japan, with the Air force, in the 60s. i took many walks through the country-side and many visits to Shinto shrines. from what little i know about Shinto, i can see WHY this guide would say this! Shinto is really a kind of ancestor worship, worship of Ancestors of family clans who have a God at the head of them, high high up in the astral realms. the "first family progenerator", the first ancestor, has, by now, become a god, the head of all the spirit-ancestors who have died years ago. As this first family member rose, in heaven , he would be followed by the other members who come after, through time.
I think that all the gods of all the families are "one", or at least very very interconnected, as they all are, by now, on a spirit plane very high up there: thus all the clans and families are Connected to each other through that point of spirit. thus all earthly incarnated people, of the Japanese sub-race, are connected to each other through that upper connection of these family gods. the Christian equivalent, might be..."the communion of saints". each family member, who died, depend upon that god, AND the Honorage of their earthly family "under' them, in order to be "living" and awake in heaven.
If THIS is the correct definition of "Shinto", i can see why my Guide would say that! perhaps Hinduism also would be like this.
Too---as the japanese people, by now, have influenced our culture-world so much, by now, perhaps my dream is a reflection of a Spirit-world process, now going on, where Shinto and Christianity are being
brought together, into one the spirit world, at least. they would become interchangable, to any arrived spirit, there, soon.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

seems the last few days, i "run into", on the streets, on the bus, where-ever.....a number of people
who seem "negative"! mildly negative. not in what they say or feel over "this or that", but in their overall vibes! my gardejeff-student, friend, says to me, often...."I wonder what keeps these people going, what "carrot in front of the mule" something, that they look forwards to, in their days, in their lives"?

for these people, there is no afterlife, i guess. no spirit, no need to look for happyness in something of Archtypes or Values.

Like that "scatterbrained" lady on the bus yesterday! i know now maybe five of these ladys, all alike!
there is not a sentence that they utter that makes a bit of sense to me! and they go on and on and on and on.....nor can they understand a bit of anything that i say to them!
"scrambled eggs" for a thought pattern.
they never seemed to develop the ability to THINK! the woman-mirror-image to the men that i know who have it where "thinking" is ALL they do: no emotions or feelings!

but these ladys. the one that rides home on the bus near every day: she is getting to know me.
I FEAR that there are a lot of men who would tell me what she needs.....a good F..K!!
"sex" is the Language that transcends all differences between people, the physical expression of the Spiritual, spirit life, octave of Blending Auras one soul with another, in the heaven worlds.....
I am Impotent: ZERO sex urge. none!! mandated by Spirit! Dream tells me, before my incarnational life missions, i was shown, in this dream, years ago...that "i was to chose a "horse" [physical body] that is Impotent and sexless!
there is nothing that i can give to this lady, on the bus except my attention. she Wants to be touched, but how?
probably just to agree with her emotionalneeds! to be angry with her anger, to be sad *with* her be "negative-critical" in sarcasims, back with her, as she vibes in this way, in the Name
of Bonding, as i cannot talk or sex with her!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Someone says it better than i i will use some of his words to remind you all!
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This is from Bloglet at

yes I have these weird weird dreams. like this one, the other day.
the setting for it was a house somewhat like my rural childhood home. i entereds it and talked to some men, they were getting ready to work at some project, in this house.
they talked of it, in a tone of Wonder and Mystery. It sounded a bit like they were going to play a computer game: they way they talked about this game though, it was far far far more than a computer game, in a way that i could only pick up dimly from this dream.
they walked over to the "computer"!
Tis was a *very* strange device! think "1925" or "1930"! think "black matte boxes with victorian lettering on the box saying something like 'dynascope' "----a box that sits in Display in the federal museum for medical Quack devices from the 1930s!
Here these two men sit at a table with a huge black 1930-ish box, with the electric cables wrapped in CLOTH, instead of plastic. there was a small box to the right with a huge dial on it, some kind of meter, like of some movie-set dial from a science fiction movie from 1954!
*this* was the game-computer!
[I fully expect to find, if i were to open the cae, to find large glowing vacuum tubes, about 20 of them, like of a 1949 radio!]
In the front of this box was a small screen, a "monitor screen": each of them turned theirs on. i watched the first guy. the screen was about 8" by 12" and flat. when it lit up, i was surprised to see that the light of this sceen looked not like of a cathode-tube screen: the color was almost "phosperous-like", a strange glow that looked a bit "unearthly"!
then he took out of a drawer, a "gamebox" about 6" by 4" in size: i noted that it was made of thick cardboard. i did not see what the "cd" looked like.
I then saw the beginning-screen of the 'game'... if that was what this was.
strange: i expected only "black and white" or that "hidious green" of the 1992 systems.
But NO! i could see a small 2" by 2" face at the right of the screen, in natural coors and the print was in large type but in multiple colors....the letters were in complicated colors: far far more than a "16 colors system"! Even more than a "256 color system"! more like "32-bit"!!
Yes "exclamation marks" indeed!

Here i saw what looked to be some 'ancient" electrical stuff, produce a computer game as "advanced" as of today! Too....I could see this character move his head, side to side, to give an effect of animation and life, a movement-loop!
But the letters and words were in a language that i could not read!

so why do i fill up a page or two of pyra's server with this description?!
there is much much more to this dream than is apparent!
i see THREE possibilities.
1---these two men were using a computer system that is used on another world, somewhere else in the universe.
2---this is a "probable reality", ala "Seth Speaks"----a reality that we could have taken, but did not!
3---[my choice, folks!] This game system is what is used in these two men's ASTRAL Heaven land, that they live in: this is a Spirit-land computer!
I base this opinion on the phosperistic screen of the monitor and of the kind of letter-graphics of the words..."heaven-language", letters i have seen before, from other astral dreams of heavenlands!
This "game' may actually be a "instruction/teaching" software package, where the narrator's face is being displayed on the first page...a face that looks near exactly like "E T", the movie, the alien...or even more like the Star Wars alien counselor!
"not human", in any event. The "game" could indeed be a game, but probably it is also some instructional teachings in the way of heaven!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Time and Newsweek. small shocking news, i read: something that I never ever had thought of before and i should have known better, having been raised in farm country!
In Time or newsweek [ i browsed that two mags today at the bookstore]
there was a cover article about "the america becoming vegetarian, yes or no"......something like that.

there was this point made: eye-opening to me!
---[my words]
"the harvesting of crops, like soybeans, corn, wheat, etc.....kills SO many animals! why the kill rate for Voles, in a wheatfield, at the combining, is 50%!! millions and millions of rabbits, pheasents, birds, die every year, and the more fields that there are, the more die!
Actually...the greatest envirnmental-friendly-to-animals, to crop grass-eating ruminents, on pastures; or maybe to use pigs and chickens, in lots. or something like that.
"there is no free lunch"....the article says...
something has to die to make others live!

I can remember the scared rabbits, the killed birdnests as the haycutter cut down their nests. snakes and voles and mice die as the combine grinds up the soybeanfields.

Jains anyone?
the Indian jain religion: the devotees wear masks to keep from breathing insects and sevents go before them on the sidewalks and roads to sweep away insects that might be stepped on and killed!

I went to post, in the reverse speech student Board, a question.

"what does reverse speech say about Sathya Sai baba?"

---led me to one of the reverse speech sites where i got a shock!
if true, that is.....
researcher says....Greg Albrecht[sp?], that
the Whirlwind, the collective uncounscious, reveals, through reverse speech....that there is a great Collective of people United in the symbol of Krisna--Shiva. that all of the South Indian symbols refer to the BLACK RACE! "black race", meaning the Afro people all over the world, in Africa...south america, the american south. also the Austrailian Abroriginal peoples of the 'dreamtime". And, of course, the India peoples, especially the South Indians; the Dradivian peoples.
go to
to read further!

if true; Amazing! all of the immegration of the indian people into africa, over the thousands of years, Greg says, cements this.
INTERESTING! undeground connections between Indians and
blues..gospal music...krisna cult peoples....sathya sai baba...india, and the Hindu religion!

a rural black gospal-singing church, on a sunday morning, in north florida----connected to bakti devotional
Hindu temple?!

Monday, July 15, 2002

at my article weblog...

I have an article from
David oates's Reverse Speech site.

he says.....[most of the rest of his article is on my article page, "freestonestuff"...or go to his site!
>>> This is the Truth
that we, as ahuman race, must come to realise next. That we do create it all. And with that
knowledge, we must now set ourselves free. Open up the unconscious, begin to learn how this
takes place and discover how we can control our destiny rather than merely be its passenger.
That is the real emphasis of my work.


I went to read the "baba post", in my www.egroups list, the list where i posted the Baba article that had the copy of it posted saturday here in this weblog. [the last post]

It was *not* very well recieved!!
someone more or less told me..."oh you poor person, poor thing, you were hoodwincked by the deceit of baba: go read the Bible from square one and have a picture of jesus by you side at all time"---words similar to this!
I made a small resolution: do not post to anti-baba groups! i unsubscribed! even reading them is dangerious as the terrible terrible VIBES coming from them is too too much: i cannot afford recieving anger anger anger, even if it seems "rightiously ventilating being decieved"!
MY experinces with dream-baba have none of this, that he is accussed of!

actually i am *not* an "offical devotee" in any shape or form: i follow the Western paths. baba is steeped like a tea bag in water, in the Indian Ways....thus he more or less tells everyone to live like Indians!

trouble is...baba is exemplifying what a "avatar" of Shiva is SUPPOSED to be like: be BOTH man and woman!
[one of the writers of Indian Myths wrote..."all avatars of Shiva *must* have a penis and a virgina, in order to fullfill the Prophecy of their Comings"!]

rumor has it, i read, that baba has both a penis and a cloitis!

baba exudes....just look at his photos!!!....exudes a distinctly Feminene vibration, even though he is a man! [Shiva is both man and woman]
But the West has it where one is SUPPOSED to chose sides: either man OR woman, 100%!
if a man detects within himself, a tiny bit of"'womaness", then he fears that he is becoming gay!
"homophobia" rasies its head, viper-like, to him! thus "men are to be men, women are to be women"!

In ,1979, Ithaca, ny, there was a very vibrant gay community. someone from this community bared his concerns to me one day. he told me that if anyone, in this gay community, were to be Found Out
to have had even a BIT of a hetero-sex experience, the gay community OSTROCISES, and kicks him out, Real Quick: they demand that their members commit to being 100% gay, or ELSE!!

thus even for gay people: Choose Sides!

I, thus, will not post anymore to these groups and lists, as my observations are so poorly recieved there.
And from the above observation about the synthesis of the masculine-feminine within one person, i suspect that baba will have further problems being accepted in the west, from now on....even if he is "innocent" of the accusations!
as the rock opra TOMMY says...."better yet, forget you...not exist"!

Saturday, July 13, 2002

I went to another ANTI- Sai baba site just now.
quite a site.....
if you *really* want to know!
Oh the viscousness of Devotees who think they have been decieved and now they tear at this baba like nothing you ever want around ya! [there is no more bitter anti-ciggarette
campaigner than an EX-smoker!!]

i got less than one year to await! to await having to CONFRONT this baba in person!! i surely will: after dozens and dozens of baba dreams where i know, now, that some of them is where baba appeared "objectively" to me: the connection is now made.

I feel that all Gurus get caught into the LOOP!
the loop?
---this is where the guru "god" energy goes out to the pupils and then the energy from all the pupils comes back to the guru and then all of that again loops out thru the pupils and back again:a loop!
Thus soon, very soon, the circle becomes of the lower "common denominator" of humanity---the lower chackras! soon the guru , like that "Antelope, Oregon" guy...becomes a paragram of the lowest levels of humanity *as* he is bonded to the collective uncounscoius: thus he becomes a mouth-piece *for* the collective uncounscious! "lets fuck and screw" now the Tone!

most gurus fall down, i feel, for this reason: rock stars and celebrities too!
Jesus is safely DEAD: out of the living loop!

Friday, July 12, 2002

---letter to Steve Yost of "blur circle weblog"

he "owns' and runs the
hey Steve!

I have just discovered Quicktopic! I first thought that it was just ANOTHER
messegeboard, although a very good one...."dummy" that i am! I have four blogger
weblogs. i use the Lycos gear GUESTBOOK in some of my
weblogs: a good one but a small hell to get to read the entries with through all the
hoops that i have to jump for! I had also us[ed] the lycos Feedback form, another not
so accessible thing!
The Light Dawned!
---why not use the Quicktopic board *as* a guestbook that is actually a two way
interactive extension
of my weblog, *as* a part of my weblog, to let people get to post their comments in
it; make it a "mailing list/newsgroup", even!
there is a "anti-sai baba" list, in quicktopic that has something like 3000 posts with a
dozen 'subscribers"!

I wonder if it would be worth it to put the links of quicktopic under EACH weblog
entry, like you do steve?!

yes there is stuff out there like "rateyourmusic"...but they seem to be accepting new
signups only on the new moon
when the cows eat carrots and the mailman sings: if all occur at once, you have
3.991 minutes to sign up and only the first 15 clickers onto the site get to sign up!!

So i now have a quicktopic list for *each* of my weblogs. freestonelinks one year to live my life after near death experiences freestone's incredibilities

so i thank you for being there Steve!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

well i added something yet again to my site.

I discovered the joys of
One can create [you too people!!] a private messegeboard. so easy. so simple.
I did!
----as i say, on the left side of this site, the link....

"I NOW HAVE A DISCUSSION MESSAGEBOARD AT QUICKTOPIC.COM. YOU MAY POST YOUR COMMENTS THERE. Start a discussion, even!--Discuss my life after near death experiences".
Now you all can come to this board and post your thoughts. people, reading this weblog, can come and also post; then comment on the postings of others!

---in other words, a messegeboard: a List, like in "newsgrouplist"!

thus with this "quicktopic", i now have AN INTERACTIVE WEBLOG!!
---better than a guestbook, better than even a comment line! better than signing up for emailgroups, even

Wednesday, July 10, 2002


I have just crawled out from maybe an hour of looking at anti-Sathya Sai baba sites!
mostly the at
is the one that I really looked at, and think highly of; as much as i could take, as the writing is so dense.

Seems more and more people are having *really* bad things happen to them when they go see Sai
baba, in india, at his ashram! Seems many many people are finding that most of his personal history
is "not right", either.....on and on.

my take on this, is baba Evil or not---may actually be the most challanging of all!!

that baba may be and do just exactly what he is accussed of, ALL of it: to make very very sure that he is not worshipped as God! once he, as Guru, has gotten the personal inner connection to spirit installed into a devotee, this devotee does not need the 'training wheel" anymore that is the outer baba-form!
thus baba makes sure that the devotee goes away mad and dis-illusioned!

i have a take: that this "baba-heavenland" that he is supposed to be taking his devotees to, after they die, it will not have a single picture or image of baba there! in fact, i feel, there will be NO trace of Sia baba there at all.
"LOVE, GOODNESS,TRUTH" do not have a shape or form.
baba is only a "telephone" and he wants people to pitch it into the trash, once the messege is delivered and the inner phone-connection is made to one's own Spirit-Source.
that is my take on Sai baba!

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Interesting dream last night.

In this dream i went to a large open field where there was the reuinion of my high school class. They all were standing around with drinks in their hands: like of a party where groups of two or four stand and talk.
[my1960 graduatiing class only had about 30 people in it]
Yes, they all were there and i was apparently the last to come.

Only thing one seemed to be overjoyed at my appearence there! I got deviously "negative' glances and outright sneers from some, if they did not outright ignore me!
There was a lady there, "nancy". she was, in my 1960 class, the Lady That I had A Crush On! Oh, she paid to me no attention whatsoever, back then, but from then on, whenever she appears in my dreams she *is* the symbol of a "spiritual Mother Confessor"...or of a "Wise Woman"!
I walked over to her and tried to get her opinion as to why i am getting this poor welcome to my class reunion! we talked for the rest of the reunion-party, for the rest of the dream. It was about my
and to why no one there seemed to find me likeable. I did not Count, in their eyes, and in their lives.
"high level functioning autistic"...would be a label that a counselor could put upon me!
My high school class, the Guidance counselor proudly told us all...near graduation, in sputnik era 1960, that "we all had the highest level of acheivements, the greatest number of college-bound kids, in all of the history of Interlaken central School"!
yes, folks, they nearly all, the boys at least, they all went off to become Executives and stress filled jobs and very very lttle of the "hippie" way of life ever reached them.

even back in 1960, i was *at* the very bottom of their pecking order! utterly Gawkey, useless in sports.
talked "funny", and did funny things with my hands, in a Autistic way.

thus "Nancy" and i talked of this, my autism. how i think only in picture images..
[.why only today
i mentioned at the coffee 8am cafe how "ted turner", the 400 hitter, had the funeral problems...with someone. my aquantance sternly corrected me: "ted Williams, freestone"!
of COURSE! names and words have nothing to do with reality, and i always lose lose lose, as i mix up names and mis-spell and make many many social gaffes per day!]

I wonder how i will meet all these classmates when we all arrive in the afterlife?! I will have nothing to say to them that they might consider to be real, at FIRST! they do not consider an autistic person to have anything of value for them, here on earth.

i find that on the bus, i gravatate to sitting with the homeless, the crazy, the outcasts....more than with some seemingly "intelligent" person. maybe it is that these people are more "REAL" seeming, to me!
they are Living, while many others are so so caught up in illusions of $$$$ and materialness and Power/influences! these "inteeligent" people think that they have life all figured out, i guess, and they all have decided, like my classmates, that some people Do Not Count, as well as many ideas also do not Exist as being "real"!
I will take my autism, thank you!

Saturday, July 06, 2002

I guess this SYNCHRONISM is the MOST Incredible, of my whole lifetime!!

1986. Tis been 11 years now since my mother died when that red sports car came into her lane at dusk
at 120MPH: she musta had all of three seconds To Get ready to die! Right after this accident, my father went off the deep end, a bit, and blamed it all on me! He would not speak to me from then on: i wanted to forgive him but he had to make the first move.
November 1 of 1986, he had been living at the Interlaken rooming house, his friend owned it, but now he was in the Intensive care unit with his huge heart attack, and he asked my aunt that he wanted to see me!! I came right up, 1200 mile trip. we had a wonderfull reuinion...all forgiven. i lived with my aunt for a year, seeing him a lot, in the Home...near daily, for about a year.
That first week while he was in the hospital, i visited his rooming house. I wanted to see his room and
take care of his personal effects, as a nursing home was to be his future.
I got to know his friend too. he showed me his room, a dark windowless room right by the stove where Dudley would be warm. Dudley lived there for about a year, after his first stoke/heart attack, a year back.
I noted the walls were near-bare, as was the room. Only there was a canceled check taped on the wall, a check made out to dudley and was for $27.16. I asked his friend about this check. Richard told me something utterly AMAZING! He told me that Dudley worked in the State hospital, as an aide, for several years around 1937 or so. This check was one of his paychecks!
1938. $27.16---a good wage for the year of issue, 1938. Richard told me that some guys were cleaning out an old office and low and behold, behind a desk, they found this canceled old check: one of these guys LIVED in the rooming house, so that dudley now had one of his old paychecks on his wall!
Dudley had turned 72 years of age, in october, october 12th..1986.
I noted right away that if i were to reverse the numbers to 72.61, from the check amont of $27.16, there Was Meaning!! Dudley was near-death, one month after his 72nd birthday. Mom died on october 5th of 1975, just a few days before Dudley turned 61!! 72 61 both numbers are in this check, reversed!!
then Richard came into the room, and he unveiled to me Mom's great Secret: that ten years before her accident she had a Vision where she learned that she would die in ten years, when a red sports car would come into her lane at dusk, but that dudley would live until he was 72!!
[no wonder she did not like to drive at dusk!]
she never hardly told anyone. So..... So here this check, so incredibly hidden and found, had the two numbers reversed, that Told The news! a check from 1938: his age at her death and his age at his death!
Spirit Interveined! gave to dudley an extra year as he made amends with his son, a Gift...he died on Christmas day a year later at 73.

I forgot about this check: milked it for all it was worth, in meanings....UNTIL NOW!
Anone who has been following this journal, will recall that on may 13th...2002...I had a Vision where a guru-like India man held up to me a pile of papers and told me that in 1938 he went into the High Spirit worlds to the Temple of records, clairvoyantly, and he transcribed a whole bunch of people's lives that they had set up in spirit, before they were born on earth...and "here, freestone, is YOURS", as he pulled out a paper: i could read my name on it...the rest of the text was in a strange language. He told me that this sheet was set up in 1938. i was born three years later! he read ALL of my life-missions that *were* to be done, as of 1938: I listened to him read them off one by one and i agreed with them all [he "scored"

the check on the wall! it has, i now see, yet MORE to tell me!! I should have taken the face value of the check...$ be meaningfull: i had yet no inkling, at the time of 1986, how to use this information!
NOW I do! 27 16
Mom died oct 1975 1975 + 27 = october 2002
dudley's death setup year...1986 october 1986 + 16 = october 2002
the Timespan of "27" and "16", is one year...oct 2002 to september 2003
this check shows ME when i will die!! both deathdates of both parents plus 27 and 16...equal the period of my own Forcasted death! this check was made out in the very year that my life-record was obtained by this Master! 1938.
too...27 years from 1938 gives 1965. must have been 1965 when Mom had her vision that gave to her ten
years to live. [she PROBABLY saw the same Master...????]
Gooood grief!!

will i have an extension of a year too?!! probably NOT, as I have been shown that I will not, for reasons that would take another upteen paragraphs to write out!

This check must have been one of the *most* spirit-driven "Placement" objects, in existance! Just think of all the manipulations needed to get it where it was!

Friday, July 05, 2002


i had a sort of "psychological teaching dream" last night.
I was working at the air force computer office. [my life]. I had taken off my green[earth-life] jacket and my green[earthly] shirt, and put them up on a shelf. When the work shift was over[when i will die], i went to the back room to put on my clothes. i discoved that something had mysteriously burned, like as with acid, most of my clothes, leaving only burnt rags!
I went to Dump onto my office officer, saying how these clothes were up so high, just HOW could anything get to them?!
he then told me something, in the dream, that i found to be *very* interesting!

"before you came to work, back even as you came to this airbase, in orientation [getting my Spiritual soul-missions together], did you sign up with any office that uses Magic (magik) as its path?!
If SO....then anything in it, that is of a lower nature, that rapports with YOUR lower, immature, nature: it loops through to your clothes and thus destroys them!"
----meaning, this dream: get to work to remove my inner immaturities and "negativities", as, according to Dream, i HAD signed up with "occult magik groups" before i was born!!! I noted that my jacket, in my dream, was not the jacket color that i had worn for the last 30 years! this jacket was my high school-early college jacket.

what makes this dream 8very* telling and *very* amazing, was what happened the night before just before i went to bed! The dream came from this!
I play computer games and love Role Playing games. the game i now am playing, and highly recommend, is the game GOTHIC. to make this story short, i will not go into the game, here, but i must say this: that i have been playing for a month, now, as a warrior, and last night i had finally got to the mages temple and was qualified, after passing the test to become a mage, a magician. I climbed the stairs of this temple to the upper room to become inituated: a real inituation ceremony. i stood on the pentegram, on the floor, and repeated the Oath of Bonding: I was now a fire mage!
the oath?
---Do I agree to link with the Power beyond the physical, here and in the after-life, eternally?
---Do I bond with this spiritual power that is beyond my earthly being, and serve it, by using it, in my life;
and as as this power grows stronger, with use, my life grows stronger?
---Do i admit that this power is of the Gods and is the very body of these Gods, themselves, that is manifest into the physical world, but has it's seat of focus behind and beyond
this material world: that this earth is permeated by this Spirit, which exists outside of this world?
---Do I agree that i must be disiplined in my life and Concentrated in my thoughts, for the rest of my life,
as the power of the gods can only be used by such a Mage? [a poor life will bring poor magic Results?

"Yes", i replied: i took the oath.
I am now a first circle Fire mage. i can cast "light"," fire missile", and a few others.

This GOTHIC is "only a game"! a German RPG computer game: i highly recommend it, if you like RPGs!

but golly! not only was this Intuation game event, one of the most intense of the game-events i had experienced, this event seems so "real-occult" sure had a great effect on my dreams, hours later!
too bad i cannot recall the exact quotes of this intuation: maybe i can replay it from a saved game! AND write it down: so so instructive!!!
Yes, sign up to be a Sorceror, a Mage, using the aura of the Gods, channeling it through oneself, to effect the material world! bond with it for life AND for the eternal afterlife too!
any "leakage" of this power, through "negative" or "immature" areas of my life, will bring actions to fruit, there, that i may not like: this is the dream-messege!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

"Satanism and the Immortality of the Psyche"
---Michael A. Aquino

...I find this article to be a very good article, to me, on what i would call..."*the* Crisis of Paganism: is there an afterlife or is the Material-only, to be Glorified?!

link to Temple of set, article archives.
that airplane crash in Germany: those Russian children!

I find this event Omenious! Dangerious!
Here is where two planes collided, even everyone concerned tried SO hard to get them to avoid each other! And the kids!! the very very best of kids from a whole Russian District, the cream of the crop: the leaders of the new Hope for Advancement of the Russian people!

to ME, this whole event smells like of an "Appointment Kept"! Set to die, all of them. utterly so, and no stopping it!

Why would Spirit Act to do this? why would these children come here and then leave this earthplane, taking all of their talants with them?! they could have done SO much, for the rest of the Russian people, yesrs and years from now!

---I wonder.........
Maybe they will be Important in heaven, to greet or heal or counsel the incoming Russian people, over the years.
WHAT bothers me, a bit, is this: that they all could be leaving, not only for that reason, but that conditions here on the earth are soon going to deteriorate due to"'earthchanges"!!
Not only would they be there in the Spirit world, to meet the great mass of suddenly-incoming people, but that there would be little reason for them to suffer here!
["rapture in slow motion": Old Souls dying early, so not to have to be here during some great earth upheavals!]
Be interesting if there are MORE of these "accidents" in the coming year or two: from what i read in the "psychics"....2005 will be a dangerious year!

Tuesday, July 02, 2002


yes i ponder a bit about my may 13th vision that "in one year you will begin your spirit journey".

there is a quote from Sathya sai baba that I like. "Too too many people just accept my miricles
and Manifestations as an end in and of themselves : they never look beyond these Miricles to see the Reality that is behind them!"
Yes, my great Announcement came on may 13th. Tis could be easy for me to do what most people do with their Great Dreams: learn the messege of the dream, alone, via the dream!
there is more, however, that must be done. Most people take for granted, as i say, the dream date.
my dream occurred on may 13th. why could it not have been may 12th?! or the 10th?
or on any date in the month.
why the 13th? is there a reason *for* this particular date?

[there is a great lesson for me, in seeking things like this out, folks! for ANY synchronism, sign, omen, or such "miricle", there is a hidden meaning behind it, a meaning that this miricle refers to. For any "coincidence", there is a meaning that this coincidence refers to: find it!]

so indeed, why the 13th of may?

[background: my mother had for HER vision..."she would die in ten years; but her husband would live till he was 72". He was in intensive care, just after he was 72, i came to see him, on November 2, and all his putdowns of me, for the last 15+ years, was forgiven, we two had a wonderfull fogivingness reuinion. he lived for another 13 months and died on Christmas day, 73 years old. when Mom died, in 1975, the stress of it all was too too much: he blamed it all on ME, would not speak to me from then on....
so we two had a wonderfull forgiveness, but his stroke-damaged brain was so ruined that i could only see him for 20 to 40 minutes at a time. i spent 10 months seeing him at the Home, several times a week. then I left, he lived for several months more, dying on Christmas day. 13 months from november 2nd.
was mom wrong?! she was shown that dudley was to live till he was 72, but he lived another year.]

If mom were "wrong", then maybe MY vision will also be "wrong"!!
father was given an extension by spirit so that he could make amends with his son!
will I have an extension?
was my near-death, in 1998, such that from 1998 until 2003..... IS that extension: i am in it now?!

may 13th 2002, i recieve my Notice. there is a hint there in that 13. dudley died 13 months after I came into that intensive care room, to first see him.
I came on November 2nd. from november 2nd to may 172 days. dudley was 72 when I saw him!

My birthday is june 28. there are 46 days between june 28 and may 13th.
I was 46 years old on June 28th, in 1987. This was *the* year that i had with my father: november 1986 to september 1987.
In june of 1987, i came to the Home several times a week.

AHA! the hidden messege of the "may 13th" is that this year, from May 13 to ???? [next may, 2003]
*is* my year of "extension"!! at least that one year, if not from september of 1998!

so from this, folks, i can see that i will not live more years, i am having my extension NOW, thus the vision will not have anymore "additions' to the timespan, unless Spirit overwrites!

---and would i WANT to ask spirit to extend?!!
probably NOT, as this event was probably set up in heaven, before i was born, for a very very GOOD reason! A reason that Spirit may only know... either I, or the Master Guides, set it up, my death-date. would i *want* to tinker with it, not knowing what would be the results if i missed the date?!
to be "an imformed consumer", in this matter, i would have to know the Spirit-reasons, for this date and also the "whys", seen only from the Vantage-points from and of Spirit: only then could i choose to even ask the Spirit to extend. I will not ask: i trust that there is a very very good reason why *that* time is for my spirit life to begin!
article about the possibility of Mt Hood erupting!!

maybe soon!

Monday, July 01, 2002

Got this in my mailbox today!

>>>> There is something extremely wrong with every single
person in this world. They seem to be part of a
pointless simulation.

"The Matrix" has portrayed this idea somewhat, yet we
watch it and go back to our daily lives. Yet in this
very life, underneath the seeming diversity in
people's opinions, values, talents, and interests,
there is something that makes everyone the same. It
is as though this planet is populated only by mindless
fakes, objects that provide the appearance of
intellect on the surface but are based on only
mechanical reflexes and primitive thought patterns.

Ryan and Jacob
you may read the whole letter,
[ no doubt you already HAVE a copy of your very own, anyway ...Spammed into your mailbox!]
yes, read the entire letter on my other "news" weblog.

[and finding another very very interesting, Literate, weblog....along the way to google-finding this "all people are fakes" site: she found their site!
Lady from Cornell University, a person who has a very interesting weblog...

>>> Who am I?
I'm a mid-20's, female, computer science graduate student. My research is in AI, specifically natural language
Non-CS interests include photography, playing ice hockey, and crocheting. ]
Ryan and Jacob? that url, that she found, for this strange site about the "99% of all people on earth are fakes" is....