Thursday, June 13, 2002

well now its been a month since I had that Dream that tells me "one year to live"!
a month has gone by already!!

Naturally...I had to ask myself..."another symbolic dream of death coming soon: really means, doesn't
it, a CHANGE coming....a transformation coming....and not "death"?!
---I had many of these before: this should be no different!


ONE--I had recalled a number of times, during periods of such dreams...asking of Spirit, in prayer..."Spirit: if EVER the time Comes, really, to die and you want to let me know...please tell me one year from it"!
TWO---all of my family and my childhood friend next door: they all had one year before they died; something very very signifigent occuring!
THREE---the very act of going into the past to see something, IN the past, that tells of the future, a future that is still ahead of "now"!
FOUR---the "feel" of this dream. a whole 'another animal" than from just "transformation' dreams!

[I note that this Guru says..."In one year you will begin your spirit life, your spirit journey"!
He does NOT say..."In one year you will die"!!
he says it the way he says there IS no death, how can i die?!
----so it really comes down to this: this Dream is a TRANSFORMATION dream that involves my death as
the reality.
MOST "death dreams", that people have...are DEATH dreams that involve transformation as the "reality"!]

from the above bracket paragraph....this Vision really is a Transformation dream.
but it infers a move into the spirit world, in a spirit body.

so i have to accept this. Still sorta abstract: hard to imagine that i will move away from my tallahassee.

So what have my dreams been like, since?! I note a GREAT increase of Lucid vividness to them; near every night. Like i am really REALLY there, awake. And the locations too...these places seem partly "physical' and partly "astral-spirit"! I feel, too, that i am "using" other people's images and memories too!
places i have never been to, that "claim" to be in, like, the state of Indianna, near Indianoplis!!
places on earth that i have never been too; as if i were someone else.
probably, these dreams, i am tuning into spirits who live in the spirit worlds where they are imaging their lives back on earth.
I ought to REALLY having interesting dreams, in the months ahead: keep tuned!!