Saturday, June 29, 2002

well I finally got enough links put up here, in my new weblog, for me to 'advertise" my new weblog!

I got tired of "losing" good links to very Interesting sites that i found! Sites that are not of interest, perhaps, to a reader of my weblogs. too, i have now about ten weblog links, to weblogs, like Lightningfield....that I go to.
...see, this weblog site is actually my personal link page!
maybe there is something there you might like to check out!

I find that i have put up links to several sites that seem sort of "Anti-christian"! I find that my own connection to Spirit cannot go through "priests" or Established churches or paths. Spiritual progression is not a "committee act", as in ....." a camel is a horse built by a committee"!
I -----Spirit.
I note that with many groups there is that "go-with"!
as in.......
----"gotta be a vegan if you belong to our temple".
----gotta wear a veil if you are a woman"
----*this* wicca path means that all other wicca-paths are evil, stay away"!
----"when you join us Pentecostals, you will be speaking in tongues in no time"
Then i ask her[ this is a real event, about 10 years ago, in gainesville, fl!]..."there are the other 6 or so gifts of Paul, what about THEM?!"
Lady replies..."No! speaking in tongues *IS* the sign of Salvation and you cannot fake it, we all know if you do fake it, and if you do not speak in tongues, soon, in our church, then it is YOUR fault and problem and then you must Come Around"!!!!!


I don wanna be a Hostage to Guilt!! your pentecostal heaven would be my hell, if i were to go to there after i die!