Friday, June 14, 2002

well after i wrote my "a SOBERING morning" article, [appearing just below this one], and i got my lunch of a pak of crackers and a coke and went out to the park next to the library for my lunch, I had an Intuition as i ate my peanut crackers!
an inuition as to how i can deal with this "joining a group" thing, in the heavens.

my Intuition actually is far far FAR more radical than of "not going to join any groups: be alone"!
as when and if the Greeter, in heaven, were to tell me that i must join SOME group, A group, i will tell him/her..."i, if to join with one group, i will join with
every one.
[yes even THAT one...the one that i could imagine to be utterly offensive or non-spiritual!]

yes, this will solve the problem, in heaven. join and sign up with every group that is availible. KKK...radical right ...radical left...whatever!
each and every group has some of truth to offer. matters not if they espouse "white supremecy" like of that dream-group that i encountered last night. [why this group might poke holes in the Academic Establishment's idea that each brain is wired *exactly* the same, at birth...and that there are utterly different brain "wires" dependant upon RACE...if SO, a soul-counselor MUST take that into account when counseling souls: the "acedemic group," in heaven, would NOT be of any help in teaching me this!!....this is just an example; please do not flame me for this statement!!]

thus my solution to my problem is actually more challanging, to me: to be able to shift out the truth from the false, in all of these groups!
AS...all groups have some falseness too, in their teachings: all of them!
but the upper heavens are made up of truths and Loves. thus i will try to join up with every group, whether i have "qualifications" or not, for that group!
belong to all of them.