Friday, June 07, 2002

a VISION of my deceased friend Sam, last night!

well...a very interesting little vision last night. The dream begins where I was at my childhood home, but i could tell it was "astral". what this means, is that this image of my rural farm home, while "I made it from my own mind", the image is IN the etheric demensions as a objective place, a place that i made. it is not, however, a part of heaven as it has a lower vibration than that. I could tell this "place" was of this by how i floated over the ground, floated about 6 feet off the ground, over the fields, the open air seemed MUCH more vivid and "intense" than what would be so by having this scene be "just" a psychological dream where i am at my childhood home! a LUCID dream, thus.

across the road is my childhood friend's home: he grew up there and i knew him for years afterwards, until he died in 1999, at 56. he was very very "psychic sensitive' and we both thought that he was an Indian Shaman in a past life. [I had dreamed of him with a hawk headress, once!]
this is the "Sam" who once came from heaven to tell me that heaven was amazing!

anyway..i floated across the road into his family's fields and floated behind the barn. off in the distance i could see Sam also floating and he came closer and closer. there was a six foot fence, the kind for livestock, between us. yes it was Sam, a Sam that looked about 30 years old, a much younger person than when he died over three years ago.
Funny, too...his whole body looked somewhat strangely "grey"! as if some of the "graphics" for him, did not get into my perception, as if some of sam was in a slightly higher vibration from the place that i was in! he looked like a "ghost"! we shook hands through the fence. i recall feeling his hands. i then asked him how he was enjoying heaven! he replied but i could not catch what he says as his words seemed to change into another language! basicly...end of dream.

yes the fence was the boundry barrier between his objective heaven world and my own astral semi-heaven world! he could only come down just so far! and i could come up only just so far. there was no Important messege, i feel, to be conveyed from sam---he just came to say "hello" to me: maybe too, he wanted to let me know that he is there in heaven!

there well may be MORE meetings like this in the future between him and i, especially as my Time comes closer to coming over myself, in the One year ahead! maybe he will/is a helper to greet me or to tell me things about what is to come!! I will keep you all posted, as the months go by!
[i may make a "sam folder" in my files of recorded visions and dreams, at