Thursday, June 06, 2002

There is now a bit of Distance, in time, between my dream of may 13th..."In one year you will begin your spirit life"! Oh, i have had "death warning dreams" over the years, before! These were either "psychological" or else of a symbolic, transformative, nature.
THIS a whole Octave above these.....
THIS one, i accept AS being true!

Now, i ponder if any and what LifeChanges i can make, that might make a difference: especially when i am also told that "there is nothing left to do"!! as if whatever i think about, feel about, or do, in the next year, will not affect my first level in entrylife there. that seems not right!
Probably means...that there is no karma-Missions to do for Spirit or for myself: but there is the "attitude adjustments' that i can make!
my Gardejeff/ouspenkie path friend....he is always slightly pushing me to "change, get rid of those old habit patterns": what could i say to him about my dream? nothing! Ironic: here i am about to make a HUGE change, and he would push me to "change"!

I recall a dream that i had about 6 to 10 years ago.
I sat with this Man, at a table, a man whom i have often seen in my dreams. He does not tell me his name...he is a short, almost fat, man, in an orange robe with a near-afro hair style. I know it is Sathya Sai baba! I know from other dreams.
In THIS dream he put to me a question and a kind of request...."would you like to help me work with the progressions of millions of souls?"!
[He needs all the help that he can get; the cadre of Angels and Angelic helpers!]
In the dream , this is all that he said, then the dream was over, i never got to answer him!

In my prayers to Spirit, i answer "yes" to the Question. i cannot image what Training would be required...but then again there is my SISTER to consider....she came to me in dream, about a year after she died, and she told me that she was in a school of some sort, a school that lasts 10,000 heavenly hours of Duration! a school for counseling souls who arrived into heaven after they die! she showed to me her textbook!! it had to do with how to read the face of a soul and to read the language of that face, as in heaven the face IS the harmonic copy of the soul! that can read the quality of the soul's earthly life in the face and there is NITHING that is hidden from others: one's whole life is in one's face!!
[she was a Masters social worker and a career. wrote textbooks: you may even know of her...Suanna Wilson!]
so perhaps i may also join this school!

so NOW?
for my year, right this minute?!
I try to imagine the lives of all the people around me...on the the cafes....etc..etc...
i try to imagine what their lives are like, were like, before "today". then i try to Understand their motives as to why they live the way they do, their 'self-justifications" for what they do! thus some "seemingly negative' way of life might actually be justified in spirit!! like of an angry person who has just left a cult: i see him in that narrow period of time, perhaps on the bus, when he is "ventilating", venting his pent up anger at his discovery that the Church/cult/easternpath did him wrong! gotta git it out! He is doing the "antithesis" to the past's "thesis"...the "synthesis" is yet to come!
[LIKE: some devotees of SATHYA SAI BABA who find that he is a "sexual pervert"! baba may not be a pervert, perhaps...but there might indeed be a messege that is saying that this devotee needs to move on to something else besides baba! that "synthesis' of him seeing this and perhaps going back to a Western path, may be months or years ahead in time: I only see this guy on the bus for five minutes and he is angry!!
thus be easy for me to judge him wrongly if i did not do my homework!
thus, i intend to try to, in my year ahead, to try to Understand the motives of people, in the light of Spirit.
maybe after i die, i will be able to join the School!