Wednesday, June 05, 2002

second letter to this list.......


Yes, Freestone, at the very least, he is a powerful sorceror.

Would you care to post some of the dark "sayings" of SB's?

letter two of two!

I call them, xxxx, "dark", because most devotees do not understand, and i can well see how someone might feel that these sayings would make baba "evil"! Dark in tone and near-Gothic in slant...

I have read many of them over the years, from baba Himself. some came from what was said that baba said
[second hand]. these i Suspect, sometimes.
only thing is...i can only recall a few, xxxx!
[ i will post whatever i can futher posts, perhaps.]
here is one!!!!!
-----Baba's past life was Shirdi Sai baba. Mehr baba says that shirdi is the HIGHEST of the Godmen and that shirdi, with other Saints, Intiuated mehr into Awareness. One of the Closest devotees says that Mehr baba said to him...."that shirdi created WW I *as* a creation, as part of the Circiculum for mankind"
[NOT "sided with the allies"...or..."supported the troops"!!] I feel the truth of this: that shirdi was the producer, director, and playwright, of this war. all of this from Spirit as he walked the earth, in India! shirdi died in 1918, in the middle of october, near the day of the peace signing.
read that? that the higher self of shirdi created this drama while on earth in India!!!

---Sai baba once said, and is quoted often!....[ my own slant, of this quote, as i cannot get the source of it to quote EXACTLY!]."the Patient, mankind, the earth, is very very sick. I must do surgery upon the patient or there is a chance that mankind will fail".
then baba goes on to talk about how FREE WILL is now overturned, must be overturned, in certain individuals or in the whole of humanity, as baba intends to save mankind!
----a similar quote, even more vague, in exactness!..."the Law of freewill, of mankind, is temprarily overturned, by
Me...the need is so great"!!
---baba can tell one devotee that jesus DID go to India. then another devotee he tells that Jesus did NOT go to india!
[somehow i feel there is a profound mystery here as i feel that what baba says has more to do with the reality set of the devotees, rather than of any "objective truth"]
and THAT, beth, is a profound profound "dark saying" indeed!!!
"THAT WHATEVER EACH OF US BELIEVES IN IS TRUE!" [with "real" events, out there, in the world, to self-justify this belief!!]
Bill feels that new york city is "demonic"? why as he walks the street of ny, the city shows this to him, in horrors
of degragation unimaginable except to the police department!
Cindy feels that new York is a city of great artistic freedom and creativeness? why she finds SO many artist friends and they all help her Get her feet Established, in her new Studio, as she adapts to the city ways, as she had just come from "muddy creek, Iowa...last month! for her, new york is a city of light and Intelligence!

THAT is all the "dark sayings" that you need, right this minute, xxxx! why that last one, how a Guru
will really reflect back to ya your own inner and outer life system...why baba would be good at this...
"whatever you believe in, is true"---apply this sentence to all the people who post to this list, about the "baba is a homo/child sex abuser"! these people see OBJECTIVE real things and what they see IS true and Real!
for them.
not for me. or probably you.
thus, i am NOT arguing with these people, over whether baba is a pervert or a Cult they are seeing the truth! baba shows them the truth, by his actions and his life: sometimes personally to them.
is a very very dark saying indeed!