Friday, June 21, 2002

Quiet day in summertime tallahassee. The library is almost empty.

I had a small dream lst night where i saw AGAIN this Sai baba counseling people! Intriging. is he talking to people on earth who come up in their spirit bodies or is he talking to Spirits who have died from the earth?
since he asked me once, in a dream---"would you like to help me with the progressions of millions of souls?": maybe I Am In Training!
[he may need all the help that he can get, as "millions of souls" a LOT of souls! He must be getting a large group of counselors enlisted! Earth changes?!! Or---is it just the huge huge number of souls that are generated by the baby-boom, of the 1940s/1950s/1960s and the earth's great population growth, of the last 40 years...getting ever ever the older, the inhabitants?! probably THAT! ]

puts me in a *delicate* racial place! I must now be Accepting of ALL the cultures and the races, while at the same time, be utterly aware of how each and every culture and race has utter utter
genetic and cultural differences!! each peoples has a certain, near stereotype-ical, differnece, a difference that flavors each soul's incarnation into it.
like: the Chinese people are "good at math". the german people are good at "time and space". the black race is good at kenetic "sports", and have a very good feel for "music".
Tis be very very easy for someone to call me "racist" over this, as I Have to make Discernments.
NOT "judgements"....."discernments"...when i will eventually counsel/consol souls in heaven, over their lives lived back on earth. there are people who want us all to be just alike [political correctness].

heavenly choir would be dull dull indeed if each of us, there, will sing the very same note!
Imagine, if you would, a persian rug made up of threads of *exactly* the same color. how can you have a pattern if the only shade of thread-color is "green"?!