Saturday, June 15, 2002

Now i know that I am not "alone"! when Sam came to me from heaven and he stood next to me where there was that fence between us----NOW I have it figured out! that fence is as far as Sam can come down from heaven and as far as i can go UP into the heaven worlds, in my Astral travels. sam, who died about 43 months ago, came down from his land to greet me and we two shook hands through that fence!
As i asked him how heaven is...suddenly there was an interruption!! a pickup truck with the next door two country "bumpkins", came barging up to us and then something "heavey" thumped into the back of the truck: end of dream!

----that evening JUST as i was getting to play my GOTHIC wonderfull computer game, i heard a truck outside of my door. i got up to see two country bumpkins who were there to rent and to move into my trailer! they *thought* that a trailer was for rent somewheres and they drove in and saw my nametag sign on the door and thought that it was a "for rent' sign!!
Dream bleeds into waking reality! means there is much MUCH more to that dream truck thean meets the ordinary eye!

it means....Sam moves in!! Sam has made connection with me: thus sam is now a Guide or Greeter to me.
and in the time that i arrive in heaven next year!
NEXT YEAR: Sam is the guy who will "spend that one year' with me...the one year before i die, as a spirit-companion....I spent one year with
---and sam had his year, just as i left my hometown! i will have my year, with sam...and spirit knows who else, in spirit!