Wednesday, June 12, 2002


---think i better do this: so that readers can find all my links in one spot!

"my life after near death experiences"
I have experienced over 100 Dreamvisions of places in
the afterlife worlds! My weblog journal is about my
daily life, in Light of what i have learned from these

One of my Visions gives to me One year To Live!!
Vision occurs As of may 13 2002. I have a weblog
journal where I ruminate and Deal with this!!

This is the site where many of my afterlife visions
are stored, along with my other visions of alien
worlds, earthchanges, and other writings. click on
the "files" link, to the left of the welcome page.

This is an archive for my Dreams that relate to my one
year to live!
It is also a MAILING LIST/BULLETON BOARD that you can
post to and sign up for! You can use it to post
comments to me over anything that you read in my sites
or if you want to share with me YOUR own Dreams and
[it is with Yahoo Groups]

so I welcome you all to come read and sign up...of
what I have written, and will write.