Wednesday, June 05, 2002

A letter to someone about Sai Baba------

XXXX said.

06-04-2002 02:12 PM ET (US)


Yes, Freestone, at the very least, he is a powerful sorceror.

Would you care to post some of the dark "sayings" of SB's?
letter one of two!

Hello XXXX!

I love your posts! An old old soul you must be!
young a kid with his face right up to the bakery store window and that cookie that is on the shelf is "his all"! that cookie is all he sees, he sees not the street or the sidewalk or the sky or other people: for him that cookie is about four feet wide!
as the soul gets older, that kid backs off from the bakery window so that the cookie is seen in a more Larger Context! It is seen, in the Wider View of the city that the store is in. [a choacolate chip cookie in a store in Seattle may not be like a choacolate chip cookie in a store in Atlanta!]. He now sees this cookie plus the sky, plus the people of the city, plus the rest of the city. an older soul sees life in this wider context: usually means in light of Higher Vibrationbal worlds!

I agree with you: baba came for the young souls...80% of the planet's souls. the "Micheal group" [a channeled entity]....says...that " the souls of India are mostly Baby or Young, even Infant.....compared to the Young/middle aged souls of America and the west....however there are a FEW of the Very very old souls, there , in India, as a Guide for these infant souls" [guess who, in my opinion?!!] this is a quote from my memory!
I belive that, thoughly!

---and i agree with you on baba releasing the hell souls!
I see it like this:
tis 95 to 10....on the basketball scoreboard at Iowa tech! Ten minutes left in the game and it is the last game of the season. Tech 95...Iowa state 10. just WHAT does the coach DO? [Association rules say that all freshmen, on the team, before being eligable to come out on the team next year: they must have Court Experience
as actually being out on the floor playing ball!]
there are four freshmen who have never been out: they were on the bench all year long.
Time out!
take out four men and put those freshmen in there.
---final score: tech 97.....iowa state 20; a handsome win, and those four freshmen get to play next year and one of them actually Looks Very very Promishing!
see...Beth, as we all go up in Vibration, in the "into the 5th demensional demension"...all of those "lost" demons, will be TWO LEVELS BEHIND...instead of just one! gotta get them entered into the Human Incarnational
school NOW before the Great mass Graduation! Now they will be a part of us all!
THAT is what i feel Baba is involved in!
and that is one of those dark sayings that i wrote about in my last letter about "his bringing them all with him" in 1926! Baba said that, a quote. only, i fear, old souls can understand this!
no blame for them: can a 2nd grader understand Calculus?!

we all, us old souls, were once Young, just as they all will have the chance to become Gurus some days...old souls!
gotta talk their language: baba must be able to relate to Demons....thus we younger souls may not like some of the people that baba deals with!

---my letter gets long...You wanted me to recall "dark sayings"....i will do so in my second letter!