Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Interesting astral travel last night!

I was with a large group of people, i do not know if they were Spirits or were they other astral travelers who came here from their sleep: I feel that many of these souls were residents!
They were gathered, in this open field, to do some ceremony of some kind where they were going to, as a group, send some of their members present, to ANOTHER astral place...far away in vibration.
I, myself, more or less had to "sign up" with this group [*another* "sign up with some astral group"!]
so that I was one of those who was to be "sent".
this group now did a Meditation, as a group, me and others who were to try to go, were in the center.

slowly i floated off away and up; almost as if i were 'going out of body' from my out of body, body!!
[OBE squared! OBE to a second level!]
there was a moment of blackness, then. i came suddenly awake to see that i had Arrived to where i was sent to; an "alien" seeming place. I was in what looked like a large square stage, about 20 feet to a side. there were tiers of benches all around this sunken stage, and i was on this stage. bounding down from
the top of this level of tiers, was what looked like a DOG! it was not a dog! looked like a Beagle, a large Beagle dog, but this entity looked Intelligent: a sentient being. Some soul from another "earth", perhaps!
[maybe i was in a heaven of another race, another earth, from another solar system].
I sorta then "shook hands" with this "dog". "I made Contact" what this meant.
I then awoke: the dream was over. perhaps i was only to make contact, to arrive there. thus, WHEN i die, i will now be able to go to there anytime.


my second small astral event....
I Went somewhere, in the astral. i capitalize that word "went' as this was no ordinary floating above the scenery! I almost feel that this land that i traveled across was the actual earth lands, but the upper etheric levels of our physical earth, upper levels that are invisible to us incarnated souls. But the land and scenry is visible to me, while in this state of travel.
I was shown that there are "lines". almost like tubes of empty space that are used just for traveling in.
One enters a start-point, then one floats about ten feet off of the ground, facing forwards, then one moves along a kind of "invisible rail", about 20 to 60 miles per hour.
think "2001...the zooming through that tunnel"; but the tunnel is invisible, the walls are clear and the countryside is clearly seen. these tunnels are "dedicated". used only for souls to travel fast to one place or another, on the etheric earth [maybe in the heavenlands too!]. trees and small hills get in the way? No. i passed right through them.

I wonder....
just how long have these tunnels been used? which came first, the railroads or the tunnels?!
I suspect these tunnels have been used for thousands of years. I must have spent several dream hours on this trip: a hundred miles or more! i wonder.....
---i have felt, while driving across the country, places where i had felt that i acually intersected some kind of "line", or "road", where energy or people move on!
---two: As most of us who are "older souls" have probably used these tunnels often, either in OBE or in the heaven worlds between lives, i now can really why the TRAINS have a great Numinousity and attraction for people!! the Romance of the rails! a feeling for trains that can never seem to be there for
a bus or a car! only in my astral case; it is a train with out the train, the seat, the windows! just "me"
moving along at 60 MPH, looking at the scenery!