Monday, June 10, 2002

In my site of interesting articles.....

I put up an article from a lady who wrote, in John Hopkins magizine, about her one month diet in the "Cronie" way to eat.
"Calorie Restriction with optimal nutrition".....C.R.O.N.I.E.

---how living a anorexec diet can have one live up to 30% longer!

this research lady had to essentually spend her whole day thinking and preparing food: most of the
800+ people on the mailing list were more or less OBSESSIVE and all that: no price is too much to live longer!!
ahem! I, myself, weigh only 130 at 6 ft two inches. I might Qualify for this group! but Golly!!
"Golly" indeed!! here i am with 100+ visions of the afterlife and NOW i have a vision that gives to me a year to live. sorta puts this kind of thinkings into Perspective!!
here many of the people who subscribe to this diet seem to spend most of their day preparing their food and being obsessive about this diet and being "self-rightious" about how Death will be Cheated!
NO! Death can only be "cheated" if there is no more Missions of spirit to do, or no more Learning that the soul can do, or for other reasons! why there are Times when one OUGHT to like maybe how One would die so that she could get prepared, a place in heaven, for her children, who would come up at their times: if she were to "cheat" death, she would not be there to greet them, perhaps!
I might try to find this list just to see what they say: betcha if i were to tell them about my Visions, i would NOT be liked, there!!

this is the list.....

everything has its price: if one obsesses in diets, then there is little more time for thinking or doing anything else!