Wednesday, June 19, 2002

in my other weblog......of interesting copied articles

is an article....from the New York Times.

>>>>> Monday, June 17, 2002 - 10:56:25 AM MST

With California parking spaces, size
By New York Times: Michael Janofsky

GLENDALE -- For all the scratches and dents on Andre
Valian's Plymouth Voyager minivan -- and there are quite a
few -- the doors are remarkably ding-free.
. Nearly a decade ago,
Glendale officials noticed that while the typical family vehicle
was getting bigger, the typical parking space was not.

So in 1994, Glendale became one of the first California cities
to eliminate spaces for compact cars in municipal and
commercial parking lots in favor of a universally larger space.

the old houses with the 1935 garages! the garages are SO small! I wonder....i wonder if the car of 2020, if gas is still cheap and the economy is good...I wonder if cars will be the size of

even now, GM, and other car makers, are making a pickup truck that is built upon a 16-wheeler truckcab body!

Size matters!

guess in 10,000 AD, we all will be ten foot tall!