Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I THINK I SOLVED WHY I JOIN UP WITH MANY astral heaven groups of souls, groups that i do not even belive in!

---Tis came from writing the journal entry from yesterday, where i described how i was Inducted into menbership into a sort of "sex tantra" based lower heaven group of souls!
Journal writing. One of the best reasons to keep a dirary or journal: self-discovery from putting it all down onto "paper" so that one can reflect upon it!
yesterdy's entry, the reflection upon it, I NOW know why I seem to be Inducted into these groups!

Has to do with the *other* small dream fragment that was also in the same night's dream sequences: where i saw Sathya Sai baba walk down an isle to enter upon a stage in order to give a speech to an assembled group of people.

Sai baba once appeared to me, in a dream, about three years ago, and he asked me personally...
"would you like to help me with the heavenly progressions of millions of Souls?"
---baba, himself, is Recruiting!
Recruiting for helpers, probably many, many, many, helpers. The Need will be great, as the 60+ Billion
souls, now on the earth, die of death from old age...sickness...etc...etc...
The "most people ever", on the earth, will ALSO mean..."the most people ever" who enter heaven, day by day: the Need for counselors. healers, consolers...will be very very great!

My Induction into these groups has to do with, i feel, my placement as a kind of "beachead" or entry-point, for the Angelic helpers to be able to relate with the souls in that group that i joined up with, as i will be able to "talk the group's language", and the people in this group will be able to relate to me and thus, then, to the Spirit Guides who will be 'behind' and above me. then perhaps these souls, in this group, around me who desire a 'larger horizen" will be able, with the aid of the Helpers, to go off to "higher" heavens!

yes, i Prayed to Spirit, yeaterday, to "sign me up, please, with any and all such groups that i possibly can be"! ----to be of service to Spirit.

a lament:
I can well see why many people would indeed be Disturbed about the groups that i write about signing up with! I enter into groups that they would NEVER ever consider to be "life and soul supporting"! The very very *last* group of souls that they would have anything to do with!
Yes, readers, many of you will never never have to deal, in your afterlife, with souls from groups like what i have Bonded with [and will, in the future, bond with yet more of them!!] . Feel Blessed that these people will be forever "out of sight: out of mind", to you, when you arrive into heaven and then go to live with your favorite soul's social and School groups!
. Tis appears that *my* soul's Life and belief's, is to
follow the Model of Jesus...where Jesus went to the well of Samaria to talk to the prostitute there.
Jesus might say that "there are no bad souls: even a thief, on the cross, is Worthy of Salvation". Thus, i will have much of my heaven-life living with "dregs" and "dark" souls! many many MANY "wells of Samaria will i visit and live next to, in my heaven life-to-come [ next year!]!! Just feel thankfull, folks, that *you* do not have this Karma/Dharma! I appear to have it so!
Just, then, go to your Soul's Home, after death, and Grow in spirit, in the light and Love, in your path.

---perhaps in a day or two, i will write up my six-months-ago Induction experiences into the astral group of the
Mafia! *the* mafia: not "mafia-like"! Sappronos here i come!