Saturday, June 15, 2002

I see my friend SAM again!

last night, while dreaming, in the middle of some nameless dream, there was a very quick one-second flash to a scene where off in the distance, sitting by a fence, was someone who looked like my deceased friend Sam!
[about a week ago, he first appeared...the jounal entry is about a couple of weeks back]
yes, sitting by the fence between worlds and the scene only lasted less than a second and he was far far away, maybe a couple hundred feet.
just sitting there.
perhaps he will be WITH me for my year! there is no-one, here, apparently, on earth....who will do this with me!
---sam began HIS year about a week after i left my hometown for the last time: he died about a week before i left, a year later! two weeks short of one year.
---I was with my mother when she broke her foot, on about the middle of september 1974, i stayed with her for months: she had one year.
---I was with my father for about a year: he lived a year and two months.
---i was with my sister a year at her Mountain home before her SLOW DEATH began to occur....losing house, career, relationship, health...then she died.

so who will be with ME for my year?
maybe sam!