Thursday, June 20, 2002

I have an Aunt, my mother's sister, in upstate New York. she is about 85 or so, now; not TOO many years left for her, now, on this earth.
She and my Uncle live in the same old homestead farmhouse that they obtained in about 1953: good grief, 50 years in the same house, 50 years of looking out the same breakfast windows, at the morning's world!

I had a small dream last night about her. i was at her house. i saw a man talking to her, and talking real "serious-profound" type of talk.
--looked more physically like a woman: a short man in an orange robe with afro-type hair: looked Indian
as in "India"!

Sathya sai baba!

He then turned to me and told me that "I am am working on her [getting her ready for HER death, soon!]
and we are getting Somweres, slowly"!

[reminds me of where i read, in a book about baba, that someone wrote about how baba appeared to a certain old man, at night, to Instruct this man, a year or so...before his death! baba would appear, somehow, almost each and eavery night, in a dream or even as an Appearance!]