Saturday, June 08, 2002
Boone's art page.

---an autistic bow draws and paints. the pictures often are of clocks and often are "Coincidental"! often even "claivoyant"

I subscribe to the mailing list for this homepage. into my mailbox comes notifications as to new drawings.

today i went to check the latest efforts....


he drew for may 13th, the day of my Vision about my one year to live.
i am convinced that he sees it!! foresees it: i amNOT surprised as this Event is a matter of public record in the "akasha records"!
MY seerer saw it, why not other people too!

the actual page for this is....

yes, the one year to live is there: i am now 60 years old. note the clock face of "one minute". [60 min per hour].
and the numbers too....i was born in '41.....but of course the numbers that he paints mean something only to me! but i am CONVINCED that Boone drew this from the Records of my life!