Tuesday, June 11, 2002

here is my "welcome" post to that "cronie" list, that i wrote of yesterday!! I fear and tremble a bit about how they will react to my post!!
Hi everyone.

The St pete Times had an article that led me to find this list.

I am 60 years old, a single man. I seem to have "found" that i might fit the criteria for a "Cronie"! I weigh about 132 at 6' 2"!
Tall and thin....

I have a very small mouth with not many teeth, and i eat slowwwwwly!
I just eat LESS, not avoiding any particular foods.

I see the cookies in Barnes and Nobles grow to IMMENSE sizes, as this chain changed bakeries nation-wide, last week: i would have great trouble eating one of these for a MEAL! many people just eat them for a light snack!! food, in general seems to be given out in larger and larger portions: just HOW big will they get?!
i am amazed and i shudder a bit at the poor people who, when they enter the bus, the bus tips over on its side a bit, due to the heavyness of the person getting on!! leg troubles, joint troubles...etc...etc...
Genes? attitudes? i will not pass judgement.


I can see that i will NOT end up being fixatated on what i eat, for two reasons...
ONE...I can see how the brain works: one will end up spending every single minute thinking about food and the calories, if one is not carefull: life is too rich in experiences for that!
[this one is a "toughie"] betcha this one gets me off this list!!!!
I better NOT get fixatated and obsessed as it, for me, does not matter! Spirit gives to me Good reasons why i have one year to
Live!! After about 100 Dreamvisions, over the years, of seeing places in the afterlife worlds...meeting my friends and relatives who have gone on...and they tell me a bit of what it is like there[!!]:
this sure puts the values of the world into proper Perspective! Then one of these Visions Tells me The News!!

I have sites!

"my life after near death experiences"
I have experienced over 100 Dreamvisions of places in
the afterlife worlds! My weblog journal is about my
daily life, in Light of what i have learned from these

One of my Visions gives to me One year To Live!!
Vision occurs As of may 13 2002. I have a weblog
journal where I ruminate and Deal with this!!

This is the site where many of my afterlife visions
are stored, along with my other visions of alien
worlds, earthchanges, and other writings. click on
the "files" link, to the left of the welcome page.

This is an archive for my Dreams that relate to my one
year to live!
It is also a MAILING LIST/BULLETON BOARD that you can
post to and sign up for! You can use it to post
comments to me over anything that you read in my sites
or if you want to share with me YOUR own Dreams and
[it is with Yahoo Groups]

So why am i Interested, even, in this list? Mainly in seeing how the Health Quality is bettered, hopefully, by the Cronie way of eating!
like that poor gal who got on that bus last week, where she had a cane and the bus leaned over four inches as she got on: her knee joints were shot, probably! an extreme example: but i see people who seem not be be happy with their health, and they know not what to do about it!

The Guides who write through mediums says this
about death-dates! [my words] "most people do not have a fixed time and date of death! Tis determined by the Life-Missions and other factors. many people do not have a fixed missionplan either, perhaps it is 'to learn of love'...or...'to gain knowledge'. The play upon the stage, of life, is 'extremperious drama'...a play that has no fixed script.[for these people a LONG LONG, healthy, life, is a Good Idea!!!]. Some poeple, though, have a 'set-in-stone' life plan and a set in concrete death time! [me, apparently!]"

[my mother had a vision of "ten years" "red sports car coming over the hill in her lane at dusk"...appontment kept, 10 years later, with that red sports car coming over the hill in her lane at 120 MPH!!]

there are Visions that Cannot be Put Down; not symbolic!!

If i see "adverse" reactions, to my "hello, in the days ahead"...i will not post anymore, perhaps come just to read from time to time what is here...
I may well Offend, by what i placed here!!

freestone Wilson