Tuesday, June 04, 2002

going to
the site and blog by David F. Gallagher. [many many photos of New York city, here!]
reminds me of a new york trip i took, years ago.

actually it was just a Amtrak pass-through, back in the early 90s, a train to somewhere else!
[NOW I know why the new yorkers love the Hudson river so! that train trip down the river is SO amazing!

the train passed under the streets and just as it about entered the tunnels, i saw a shaft of light illuminate a wall and upon that wall was what i call...
"the Anima of new York"! a wonderous mural-painting of a lady, done by dedicated grafetti artist[s].
A lady of mystery, of wonder; that life is mysterious...her face seemed to tell me. probably only a few train riders ever even looked out the window at the walls, let alone see her, but i always look out at the underground tunnels, in such places! I tried to imagine what it would be like to live homeless at 38 degrees fareinheigt, in a dim tunnel: i could see the junk left behind on the ground...empty bottles of XXX
to dull the Pain. so here in all the grime of the Underworld, was this Lady.
Just as some see only the grime of the NYC streets and they call new York "dirty"...others see Art and Wonder and Possibilities for soul-expressions...in art, in Finance, in Living.
And, some people can see and sense the Creativeness of others, in places that might seem to be void of life-spirit!