Monday, June 24, 2002


sometimes, with my dreams, i feel like an editor of some magizine, who writes in the introduction to the "letters to the editor" section...."the contents of the letters to the editor do not neccessarily reflect the beliefs of the editor or the Staff, of this magizine"!

first dream last night: i watched Sathya sai baba walk down an isle, in an auditorium, and he got up on a stage to give a small speech! i left the dreamworld before i really heard what his discourse was about!

then in the next dream i was in japan! or some home near my old air force base that i was stationed at back years ago.
[this, when it occurs, *always* means that this locale is in the astral heavenly worlds!]
basicly, in this dream, some "masterlike" figure was interviewing people to sign up for some group or another having something to do with SEX MAGIC! I recall actually seeing applications forms(!) for this group! there were choices of how i wanted to "configure" how much of 'this or that' that i wanted with this group, as i filled them out!
as i rumminated before, here....there have been a number of astral groups that i have "asked' to sign up with, over the years; NOW, of late, the process is accelerating. more and more groups and groups that i would NOT want to ever even want to walk into their clubroom...let alone join!
[like of the "white supremecy" group from "Austrialia", that signed me up: I got a REAL strong flame-letter, over that dream account!! letters like of that one, actually make me *want*
to sign up with the KKK, or some such, as these groups have seemingly far far less "hate" than
of the amunt of hate that some people have against "hate groups"! Once,at a Southern university caferteria table, i sat with a bunch of nothern students. they spent the mealtime putting down the south. one guy said that
"he HATED the south *so* much, because of their predujices, their narrowmindness, their bigiotry,
that if a southerner were to come over to sit at their table; that he would get up and leave"!
[a bigiot against just another bigiot!!!] my year to live passes by, i wonder WHY i seem to be enlisted into these groups?
are these groups somhow tie-ing in with some unexpressed, undeloped, parts of myself?
are these groups just wanting my energy for their own ends?
or of a Darker Suspician: that the more groups that i sign up with, the richer my heavenly life wiill be?!!
I go with that one! a "negative' far better than no group at all, i feel!
the afterworlds value, i feel, "experiences". WE put the value call, by our earthl;y values, on whether these experiences are "good" or "bad", in many cases! who but my higher self, might feel that a "white supremecy group" would be of a very very good experience for me up there?!

---but i gotta realize: that if and when i get there and find a vertable "KKK" world that i can live in, "as an outstanding member"...that maybe SPIRIT got me into this, NOT for my sake! maybe Spirit wants a "worm" or a "mole" in this group!! maybe some of the members of this group are now ready to Move On to a Wider Horizen, and they could use a bit of a "push" or inspiration, from someone like me who is a "mole" within the group, and not some "alien" angel-like figure that this member would only be afraid of and not listen too! he would want to talk to "one of his own" who would lovingly help him to Move On to a wider view-world, away from this group that he is now in.

thus, in THAT way...i will greatly welcome all such subscriptions to *any* group, in the heavenworlds...
a Secret Agent for Spirit, in these groups. ---and all that my critics can see is that i belong to such a group, thus i AM of their cloth...

Netscape once offered me, in a pop-up window, to install all 189 plugins, into netscape, all at once, all 189 of them!! I sorta feel that way about these social groups in the heaven-worlds....let me sign up for *all* of them, please!

so may the enlistments continue and accelarate, if THAT is the reason for my being drafted into them!!