Friday, May 10, 2002

well i am done, hopefully with saying the same thing over and over again...about how i will now live, after Passing Some Bar of Time: not dying in 1998!

though strange and even humbling.....from a dream way way back in the 1970s!!
this dreamed WARNED ME that i would run out of life force BEFORE my time of death and that the only way that i could be kept alive on earth until My Appointed Time, was...IS to...
depend upon others to provide this life force!
[dream image was where i sat all very VERY tired by the side of the road, far from my birth/death "car" that i came here in, and someone walked by and i "hitchhiked" back to my car by
my seeing that this guy had a long coat-tail behind him on the ground and that i rode to the end of my life by literally "riding his coattails"!!!

Vampires Are Real

Vampires can actually be a good thing!
I have to keep living, apparently, by supping the life force of others....until My Appointed Time to Die!
shopping malls will be life! eating out...will not be an option, for most of my meals...