Wednesday, May 01, 2002

well here is a tale or two more about
"what it must surely be like to live in the world that has moved into the 5th demension"!!

[these really happened!]

--tale one.
Tallahassee, a few years ago.
I was walking along the street and then entered the campus of FSU. about 60 feet into campus, i turned to see some scene.
there was a freshmany girl sitting on a bench reading her schoolbooks, in the nice warm afternoon sun.
she looked up, not at me but back out to the street. There was a man walking along the sidewalk and he looked very very strange: first off, he wore a suit but it was in tattered RAGS! utterly. like he slept in it for a month!
he himself looked like he slept in it too, a raggy raggy man; but a powerfull, intense, man!
this girl saw him and he saw her. their eyes met, there was a simultainious Recognition that each existed.
Normally they would have parted eyes and parted attention and Gone On....but not today!!
*at* the very microsecond of "look", the girl jolted upright! she leaped up from her bench and leaped around and begun to futilly swat
at something on the bench, with her papers!
I walked over to look. that bench was a slotted wood bench: the slots were about near an inch wide. a HUGE bug had come up
between the slots and had tried to enter her butt, enter her "you know what"--- AT the very moment of Mutual attention between that man and herself!! "bug' all right! a tropic big bug about three inches long and mandibles so powerfull that you could use this bug to staple papers together with!! took all i had just to pick it up! better to use a pair of pliers for this puppy!!
Impregnated by this bug *at* the moment of attention!

...tale two.
at the tallahassee pizza place across the street from FSU, i was eating my afternoon pizza, they sell it by the single-slice.
someone came in, a law student and he Had Problems! all his law friends were trying to help him through school; he was
NEUORITIC to the max! barely function, in fact. he took about ten minutes to order his pizza. he told the lady about how unhungry he was but it was time to eat so that, not a bit hungry, he wants a slice. on and on he went.
lady server goes to place her order for him. soon she returns.
[now i assume that she places the order and then the cook sets out on the counter the cooked pizza order, he sees not the customer and hears not the dialogue. thus that pizza is a random thing]
she comes out with a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE slice of pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[all the caps and repeats and exclaimation points just BARELY depict how huge this slice is!]
this here slice musta had an edge crust about five inches high and the pizza was about three inches thick at least and ten times the size of a regular order! i could have put it in the fridge after being full, and eat from it for a WEEK!
--looked like one of these 3-D topo maps of the appalachian mountains, even from 20 feet away!
HE ATE EVERY BITE!!! i watched him.