Wednesday, May 08, 2002


Interesting thing occurred on my Sunday "prayer walk"!
---this is where i often take a four mile hike, on Sunday, out to the coffee shop, and i use this to pray and to meditate with.

One of the Topics, in my prayer, was on my
"psychic sensitivity"

every once in a awhile i really notice how sensitive i am to other people's vibes. like the day before. a new passengar began to ride the bus, a blind lady about 20 years old. she seems to ride the bus every day and the other day i sat directly across from her.
She made me feel very very UNEASY!! bothered me for some vague disturbing reason.
then i knew why!
I could tell that she was blind from birth, my new york state blind friend was NOT blind from birth: i never had this feeling from him.
what bothered me about her was that whenever i was near her, i picked up that her world was a world of TOUCH AND TOUCHINGS!
i FELT 20 years of body felt like 500 mice ran all over it, whenever i was near her!
[how would YOU like the feeling of 30 people around you, in a circle, touching and foundling you with their fingers every single second, all 30 of them, for hours and hours?!! all over your face, your chest, your arms, your "you know what"?!]

THAT is what i feel in her presence!

"touchings" is her world of sensation, her world-boundry, having never seen the world, she touches and is touched.

and THAT was what the prayer was about...such sensitivities.............

right at that moment, a squirrel ran out in the road just as a large SUV came up to this squirrel. it actually ran up over the squirrel, but the front end came up overtop the squirrel where it was under the driveshaft. IF the squirrel had not moved any further, that large truck would have passed overtop of of a person on a railroad track on a bridge where the only way they could get away from an oncoming train was to lie down on the tracks BETWEEN the tracks so that the train would pass overtop of them!
but the squirrel freaked!
it ran out into the line-of-tires, between the first and last tire, and of couse it got instantly smushed into squirrel-burger!!

suddenly i saw how this event had a Messege for me from Spirit!!
messege was....
"whenever you, freestone, are over-ridden by a person near you with a negative vibe, do NOT react to it! let it come and go; the damage not in the vibe itself, but in your reaction to it"!
if i react to some 'bad aura presence" of some person near me, that reaction will jangle my nervious system far more than the actual
vibration that is there.
detachments. let the vibe come and go. I could do far more damage to myself, in that reaction, than whatever that Presence could do to me.
----the lesson of the smushed squirrel.