Friday, May 24, 2002

perfume lady came AGAIN today. i listened to her talk for half an hour, understanding nothing. Nor could i talk to her. I would do better listening to someone recite the alphabet for half an hour!!

I wonder what her life was like?
i wonder what her past life was like: why did she choose, in spirit, to come here with this condition? Not always "repentence' either...for any past life condition!
I Guide, i read, wrote about how some spirits from other planets try to become a human being, in the earthly incarnations and that they often fail miserably as the vast vast differences between an alien culture and ours is to to much for the soul to handle!

i do not know.
she says she will leave by train in a day or two. i lament that i cannot talk to her OR read the paper, her need to talk fills all.
and that i cannot enter her world, cannot send out a rope to have her pull herself into my room or to into anyone's room!

there are 10,000+ more just like her...out there! i know of one or two right now, here in Tallahassee, nearly TWINS in body and in talk! scrambled eggs for a thought process.