Monday, May 13, 2002


well, folks, i have, on this Monday morning, the 13th of May, the Memory and the Experience of One Shocking, eye-opening, dream....from last night! the kind of dream that *really* can change my life!!!

[I am going to have to pray and meditate a bit over THIS one!]

Like many of my OBE dreams, it begins while i am only half-aware, and ends likewise, so that as i make my morning prep and walk the half mile from the coffee shop to the University library: my dream is only partly recalled, with only the highlights of it in my memory.

---I am IN India. it is obviously India, from the people along the road, and the buildings. I walk along a road, in the countryside, walking past farmhouses of the indian style.
I meet, now, an older man who i sense, in the dream that his is NO ordinary farmer man!
He eventually shows to me a pile of papers, like of a pile of documents. he extracts one of them and lays this sheet of paper, with writting on it, on the table.
"you are freestone, you say....... freestone Wilson. here."
--he points to the paper.
I see that my name is at the top of the paper, under my name is a date....1938.
[I was born in june of 1941!]
This man now says to me..."In the late 1930s, I wrote out these sheets of paper, one sheet per person.
Each sheet tells of a person's life to come, the incarnation upon the earth, of people who were not yet born: this sheet is yours, freestone...lets see what it says"!
! ! !

yes he talks of my life and unfortunately i cannot recall all of what he says; mostly he talked of things that had already occured, in my past...i being near 61 years old, now, i would suppose that most of my life-missions have already been done with, from just that "61" years of age, alone, mechanicly!
i dimly recall that most of what he says, of my 61 years that i have lived, is true!

He then tells me this: that in a year from "now" [may 13th, 2002],
I will begin a whole new path, a path of Spirit, of a geat spiritual Way. [ this is in spite of other dreams telling me that all of my life-missions are now done with...a dream that i utterly belive comes from my High Self-Source!] As he spoke this, i suddenly saw before my dream-eyes, a scene, a picture. it was of the huge Oak tree that grows in front of my childhood 1941 home, a tree that has appeared in other dreams of mine and it always MEANS..".My incarnation upon the earth", as a child. [as if i fell out of that tree, upon the ground, to begin my life!].
next to this tree, there was a picture of what looked to be a worm with a human head, a "larvae", as it were...THIS represented the "new spiritual beginnings"!
---then the dream ended!
[yes a new spiritual mission, whereas there are to be NO more, in my EARTHLY LIFE!
a contradiction?!!

ah...but there are *other* places than of the earth, to do "missions of spiritual service and growth, upon!
like: heaven!

boy! i got up and sat up on the bed a few minutes to ponder THIS one! that larva-like worm; i have seen drawings in books of something like this before!! if i recall aright, it refers to
"the soul just after death, just *as* it gets ready to ascend to heaven, the very beginnings of its heavenly journey".
---then i lay back on the bed, still pondering, and *just* as i went to sleep, i heard a voice speak...
the voice said a sentence i could not understand, but it ended the sentence with a word that was pronounced VERY slowly and loudly, as IF that word was the key to something....
thus the sentence was like this, with that word at the end---
"vbderk iissevf ksnes gt tpe kmmdewzay HEMORRHAGE."


that was the last word.
I recalled the writings on "marfan's syndrome"........"marfan's people often die in their later years where the arota burst in a hemorrhage, in an anuerism; or often there is a hemorrhage in one of the brain arteries. [there is a tendency in my body for this reason why my mucus membrenes
are so sensitive!]

My sister Suanna had some Experience seven years two months before she died. same with my mother. while with my sister it was buying a house of her dreams and hopes, a house that she worked 100 hours a week for for years: for my mother the experience was a "one moment thing" of great great intensity, in the fall of 1968. she died about 7 years and two months later.
my father drove all the way from new york state to see my sister, in North carolina, AT her dream house!
seven years and about five months later, he died!!
Sepember of 1996....During the day, on a certain day, i happened to peer at my arm. the underside of my fore-arm, just below the wrist, my right arm. In the middle of the arm, half-way between the wrist and the
elbow, there was a very clear scratch, a wound, in red! No idea how it got there.
this wound, folks, was a *PERFECT* number "7"!!!
a "7" that was about two or three inches long: a "7" so perfectly drawn....a Mechanical engineer Drafter, could not do a better job of drawing it!
'september 2003" is seven years from 1996. that is a year and four months from now...
a prophecy was given to for the family members...literally written upon my flesh!

so what shall i do for my 10 months to 16 months?? surely this is my "death notice"!
I probably will live till i am at least 62...since MOST of my changes occur in october/november...i would have a guess.

so what will i do until then? IF the dream is interpeted aright. that "7" burned upon my wrist and in my memory...burned right into the physical flesh...telling me that i have seven more years, only....NOW i read that sign right---i always wondered what it meant: surely something very very profound, to me, for my future...but nothing occurred, at, during, or immediately after this wound-event. thus i nearly have forgotten about it. for a while i kept a XEROX copy photo, of my arm; the wound was THAT clear and obvious, that a xerox machine could get a very clear picture of it!!
well now i have to walk and meditate:
i am "told" that all of my missions are now done with, my life in Missions is already beyond its end: WHAT shall i do for my remaining year?

"three years to get ready"....fall of 2001, the clairaudient voice says...
my friend Sam comes from heaven to dream-tell me "2005 DF" over and over, about 30 times, to burn that messege into my memory.
not MY death, then! three years is not one year. Sam always WAS interested in the endtimes, while alive!

Thus i will, in my prayers, pray to become one of the helpers, helping all of the MASSES of incoming souls, to heaven, as maybe millions and millions of souls all come up at once, during some Earthchanges Supreme!
I even, now, intend to see in heaven the souls of Computer game designers and ask if they can create worlds, like the worlds in computer games, for many of these one to 200 million souls all coming at once is a lot! they need worlds created for them!
thus[in only the context of my dreams] i have a year, then many of YOU ALL will have a year after MY leaving! september 2003 to september one more year: i look to winter/spring of 2005 for this event to happen, or to begin to happen!
[father dudley comes from heaven, a year or so ago, to say to me...'the world will end on january 15". that is all he says!

maybe THAT is when the Edgar cayce ARE people will find that Manderville interpets cayce aright!!!
[his theroy: that cayce predicts massive earth changes between 2000 and 2002, or so....]
manderville's site:

well, i hope to continue to post here in my journal site, for one!!
and to continue to play computer role playing games!

my e-mail box, this morning, has an offer from two people from a "pyschic list" to come visit/live with them.
be very good. or a distraction. I will have to pray a bit on this one.

stay tuned, oh blogger devotees!