Friday, May 24, 2002

NOW I know what my mother's number meant!!

Tis not often that one has a visit from heaven from his deceased mother!
I did!
on may 2 of 1999, i dreamed that i was standing in the driveway of my childhood home. i was looking at the setting sun, just setting, on the western horizen. the land is flat and open, i could see for miles, as a child. Just as the sun sets and darkness arrives, suddenly the western sky re-lightens, and relightens with a rainbow-like arch where that sun had set! an arch of light.
IN this arch was my mother, my mother who died on october 5th of 1975. Thus my mother hovered in the western sky, far far off.
She drew nearer to me and i heard her speak, she sounded like she was far away too.
she said.....
"3 39 99 those numbers are in the Bible".
then she vanished, the dream was over.
This was about six months from october 2 of 1998, when Spirit gave to me a dream telling me that i was SUPPOSSED to die THEN but was given an extension! [note the "2nd"...same "2nd" for both events!]

now i know what these numbers meant....
"the Bible"...means that they are TRUE. and literal. just as "99" means..."the one sheep that Jesus goes to save, leaving the 99 sheep back in the safe fold".
3 and 39....refer to the Mission of jesus after he died. "on the 3rd day"...and the days on earth after his death.

So NOW, on the 13th of may 2002, i have been told..."In one year you, freestone, will begin your Spirit journey", where i was standing AT the very same spot on the driveway that i saw and heard my mother speak.

I moved here to tallahassee to attend college around the first of september of 1960. I sometimes would move away but always came back here. in september of 2003, i will have lived here 43 years.
In a sense, i have lived TWO LIVES. two lives in parellel. one in new york state and one here in tallahassee.
In a REAL sense i DID die back on october 2 of 1998! ONE of my two lives had ended, i might visit again my home twon but not to live there again.
that was 57 years. then ya take 1960 to 2003.
that is
3 + 39 + 1 = 43 "1" for that "one sheep"!
and add 57
57 + 43 = 100 one hundred sheep: BOTH life missions are over and my spirit journey begins!
thus the total of the two lives equal 100 just as the total of my mother's count equals 100.

THAT was her messege. after all, she had her own death premonition dream and one for my father. OUGHTA be one for me too!
and there it is....