Tuesday, May 21, 2002

now I know a bit how my mother must have felt, back in 1965!!

In 1987, as I lived In my hometown for a year, with my father in the Nursing Home, after about five heart attacks and strokes, his friend told to me that story about my mother, a story that i never ever have heard before!
This friend told me that my mother had a Dream, a dream in about 1965, where she was told that she would DIE in ten years with a red sports car coming into her lane at dusk....but that my father would live until he was 72 years old.

I always wondered why my mother was so afraid to drive at dusk!!!

I then knew, as my mother died on october 5th of 1975, ten years after her dream. she died when a red sports car came into her lane at 120 mph, at about 7:30....dusk!
yes, dusk....her dream was fullfilled. my father was now 72, he went into the intensive care a month after his 72nd birthday.
Father lived till another year, only because Spirit let him live an extra year, as he Made amends with his son...me!

I now ponder a bit what my mother had to face, I never knew WHAT this dreamvision consisted of...was it something she was shown, or saw, or read? was it a "huge" dream, or just some small dream?
NOW i have an idea as to why she took the yearly predictions from the "top ten psychics" from the National Inquierer magizine and posted thm on the inside of a kitchen closet, in january of each year, and in june or november, she would Announce how that they all were WRONG! usually they were wrong, all of them, utterly so!
See, if she could convince herself that all psychic predictions were wrong, then hers would be also wrong!


her Source must have come from a higher place! ta ta......

so on May 13th, i had a Dream. I wrote it up already, before....but in essence, again.....I went to INDIA, in my dream, and a Seer showed to me a sheet of paper that he wrote up a few years before i was born, a sheet with the events of my life on it, and my Name, of course, too. was not for someone else! I listened, not read: this seer told me what was on this sheet of paper.
then he more or less infered that there was no more life events to come: i had done it all, all of what was to be...of my life'w Work.
THEN he says....
"You will, in a year, begin your life of Spirit".
AT that moment, instead of the seer, in front of me, the dreamscene changes to where i am standing upon my childhood home driveway next to the Oak tree that in other dreams has always meant to me..."the place i am born at"
on the driveway was what looked to be a larva-like worm...representing, i guess, my soul-body!
---end of dream!

a year!
he did NOT say..."your spiritual life" he says the "life of spirit". there is a VAST difference between the two.
he did NOT say..."you, freestone, will die in a year"!!
for there is no death, how could he say that?! if he says..."die in a year", it would be symbolic of "ego-death", a CHANGE...a transformation, here in my life. what he says, is that i will begin my life OF and IN spirit, then.
In a world of spirit, in my spirit body.

Die in a year.

12 months...maybe 18 months, probably no more than 18 months, max!

there are TWO "extra" twists to this dream!!
----I was standing AT the very spot, near that oak tree, where i had the 1999 Dream of seeing my mother come from spirit to tell me those three numbers: 3 39 99. the very spot on the driveway.
----the dream date was the 13th of may. my mother was born the 23rd of may. ten days between the dates JUST like my mother had ten years!
"number anayisis" bears dividends!!
those "3 39 99" numbers, i have found, did not refer to my death, they refered to what my life consisted of! refering to my life-missions, evidently, from what i could tell.

So now what will i DO for my year to year and a half?!
stay tuned!